Campaign Photo Competition – ‘One for all. All for one’

December 16th, 2018 8:25 pm

The winners are here! Between October-December 2018, WSCF Europe welcomed  photo submissions from young people around Europe, on the topics of diversity and inclusion. After a long and careful deliberation, the jury has finally reached a decision on what photos and photographers should take away our prizes and warmest congratulations. Here are the winners!


1st Prize 

‘Unity in Prayer’ – David Barbakadze (Georgia)

“The photo I took in one of the oldest district of Tbilisi which is famous for its unique multicultural nature. This small historic neighbourhood is often called as ‘center of religions’ as you can find mosque, synagogue, catholic, orthodox and Gregorian churches next to each other. The directions’ sign on the photo indicate all important places in this district among which you can observe mosque, synagogue, Georgian orthodox church and Armenian church. Each of these buildings have its own wonderful old history, but I think it’s not by chance that all of them are standing in the same neighbourhood. For me the district represents an ‘Unity of Prayer’. This is how I also named the photo and why I link it to the theme of the WSCF-Europe photo competition. I think the story of this small district in Tbilisi very much tells us about the importance of coexistence and dialogue among different religions, cultures, ethnic groups. And that, how different we should not be in our believes, we still can live together as those three birds sitting peacefully on the direction’s signs.”


2nd Prize

‘Colours of the Life’ – Ana Meladze (Georgia)

“I took the photo during the summer 2016 in Batumi, my favourite city in Georgia. I think that Batumi is really a special city – the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” as it is often called. It is situated in mountainous southwest Georgia on the Black Sea coastline, neighbouring to Turkey. For centuries, it suffered many conflicts between the rival powers, while also nurturing complex religious, ethnic, and linguistic identities. Today, though, the city is very proud of its rich diversity and the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Walking in the streets of Batumi you can meet people of different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. That is why taking the photo of the street blocks coloured by children had a signifiant impact on me back in 2016 and it still has today. That is why I think the photo is related to the completion topics. To me that photo always represented the hope and love for life. Life that every person built throughout the years, like the streets are built by the blocks. Even if sometimes the blocks are grey, they may turn into a wonderful colour if we do colour them. I believe our lives are richer and meaningful with many colours. I believe that the society is stronger with its diverse population and I wish every person how different they should not be from each other should live the life with dignity and respect. Inspired by the city and context I took the photo in and aiming to capture the spirit of togetherness in diversity I named the photo as “Colours of the Life”.


3rd Prize

‘Imagine a Future Together’ – Nikola Putica (Macedonia)

“This photograph was taken in Skopje in the middle of September. The photograph title is: ‘Imagine a future together’. On the photograph the children are representing the future as and one of them is ‘levitating’; which shows an absolute progress. Behind them in third ground, you can notice a city light by EU.

‘Lock Me with Love’ – Diana Yeghiazaryan (Armenia)

“On the bridge Pont des Arts in Paris, people add locks of different shapes and sizes, thus creating a colorful metal curtain along the bridge. The story and thoughts behind this photo are related with the society, where we live. Like the bridge, we add lockers on it, build relationships, usually several ones, sometimes bonding two lockers at the same time. We cannot unlock ourselves from this net, if the lockers and bonds are many. Likewise, the society….when we include people and tie with many bonds, it will be simply impossible to marginalize, radicalize or polarize..


Thank you to all the participants for their involvement! 

This competition was part of the campaign ‘One for All. All for One’, ran by WSCF-Europe in 2018, with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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