Call for articles: MOZAIK 39 – Together Against Youth Extremism!

September 15th, 2019 9:27 pm

Submit by: 30th September 2019

General Topic: Together Against Youth Extremism!


We live in a world that changes with a speed never seen before. People connect with each other through one simple click, and both urban and rural youth are hyper-connected. In this context, all kind of ideas spread in a matter of seconds, especially those which share an extremist nuance. Almost always their victims belong to marginalized groups, such as immigrants, refugees, religious/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ communities etc. How can we stop this trend? How to engage youths in these efforts? Is it possible to empower them, so that they can combat extremism? Could we provide alternatives and opportunities to those who share extremist points of view?

During this year, participants at our youth gathering in the Netherlands will reflect on these, and other similar, questions. In our 39th edition of MOZAIK, we want to delve into these topics. Therefore, we welcome perspectives from European students and people with experience of combating and/or campaigning against youth extremism. We are interested in discovering and reflecting on these experiences, and understand how our ethnic and religious diversity can enhance these efforts through text, visual art, poetry and other means.

Whom do I contact?

We are accepting contributions of articles up to 2,000 words, with a preliminary deadline of 31st December 2019 (extended). For more information, contact Mozaik’s Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Jara, at


We look forward to receiving your contributions!

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