Call for applications: Lingua Franca Leadership Training 2019

February 22nd, 2019 1:52 pm

Call for Participants

World Student Christian Federation in Europe, in cooperation with Otto per Mille Chiesa Valdese, is organising the

Leadership Training Programme Lingua Franca

14 – 19 May 2019 , Georgia


What? Leadership Training Programme Lingua Franca Shared Future, Shared Responsibilities: Empowering New Generation of Europeans

When? 14 – 19 May, 2019

Where? Georgia


Have you heard that the all time favourite programme Lingua Franca is happening this year in May? But what is Lingua Franca actually?

Leadership training: to assist student movement-building in Eastern and Central Europe since early ’90s. This was due to the fact that independent youth work had often faced severe restrictions due to political situations until then in Eastern Europe. Lingua Franca works to empower people to be independent, critical and respectful thinkers, and to be such leaders in their communities. Leadership training is our aim for both volunteers who deliver the programme, as well as those who benefit from the programme.

Language training: English as the main language of political change is the privilege that is not available to everyone. At Lingua Franca, we strive to make this “privilege” more accessible to young people who really need it. During the training, simple English is used, which makes it easier to create group cohesion.

Our approach is to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and confident to contribute to discussions with different levels of language skills.

Ecumenical and inter-cultural encounter: another aim of the Lingua Franca has been to bring together young Christians from all over Central and Eastern Europe to discover their own cultural differences and similarities, to discuss  country-specific issues, as well as to inspire them to get active in their home environments to promote tolerance and inclusion.

Check out some testimonials or pictures from past Lingua Franca events. 

Why join the Lingua Franca Leadership Training Programme?

You are an active young person and would like to be engaged even more? Would you like to improve your professional competence on how to develop, manage and promote advocacy strategies and new ways of participation?

You can identify and share challenges as well as solutions with other young people from different backgrounds? You want to learn how to transfer the knowledge through developing a training course model that can be adapted and translated into local context?

If you want to learn how to put skills into practice, reflect on empowerment and encourage networking, best practice sharing approaches in the field of interfaith and intercultural dialogue, then join us in Georgia.

Application Procedures and Deadlines:

The training is open to students and young people from the WSCF-Europe member movements (SCMs) in Europe, contact groups and partner organisations.

Great opportunity for young people aged between 18-30 years old (exceptions are possible when justified) from different European countries to reflect and improve their approach to youth empowerment and youth leadership, with a specific focus on advocacy, campaigning and grassroots interventions. Join us in Georgia.

You can submit your application through the online application form by March 7th 2019.

Practical and Financial Information:

Participation fee: Full participation fee is 170 €, which includes board and lodging for the duration of the training course. For the delegates of the SCMs in Europe wishing to be represented at the meeting but not able to meet the costs, there is a possibility to apply for a reduced participation fee. Please contact us at: .

Travel costs: Delegates are expected to cover their own travel costs to Georgia, but if you require financial support in order to attend, there is a possibility to apply for a scholarship for your travel costs. Please contact us at before buying travel tickets.

Visas: Visa costs will be reimbursed by WSCF-Europe. We will issue an invitation letter that should facilitate the delivery of visas to attend the training course.

The preparatory team is looking forward to seeing you in Georgia.

Yulia Bajelidze, WSCF Global Advocacy and Solidarity Committee Member  

Christiane Gebauer, WSCF-Europe Programme Coordinator

Ramy Farouk, WSCF-Europe Volunteer

Pavlina Manavska, WSCF-Europe Campaign Coordinator

Natia Tsintsadze, World Student Christian Federation Executive for Europe

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