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May 25th, 2019 12:20 am

Dear members of Movements,

Every two years, for the last 50 years since the WSCF Europe region was established, in 1968, there is an opportunity for you – it is a privileged leadership training opportunity to be a Board Member of a long standing organisation. WSCF Europe has 5 decades of history uniting young Christians from across Europe to work for justice and peace in their times. Your role, together with your team members, shall be to sustain the wellbeing of the organisation by collective financial management, participating at strategic organizational planning, contributing to fundraising and resource development, delivering  programs, being the ambassador of and enhancing the organization’s public image, networking and building partnerships and learning together by assessing ERC’s own performance as the governing body of the organization.

You can apply for one of the following roles, with the opportunity to define further your specific programmatic role:


Vice Chairperson


Program Coordinator (X2)

Links Coordinator

Global Networking Coordinator

Campaigns Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

Executive Committee Member (X2)

It is about giving, but also receiving- opportunities to help with your skills and grow further, meet new people and make friends on the way. Being on the Regional Committee of WSCF-Europe is not always about being ready- but about being committed, motivated and having time to volunteer and work together as a team together.  Consider one of the roles and hear life changing experiences  of what 2 years on the ERC gave to many people over the last decade.

Apply for an ERC position before 1st October 2019 (extended), by filling-in the application form. The new ERC will be announced during our European Regional Assembly, which this year will be held in Denmark. Don’t hesitate to submit your application today.  Please read carefully requirements to meet the role mission with other team members. If you have questions or would like to informally discuss the role, contact Zuzka Babicova at chair@wscf-europe, or other members of the current committee – see contacts here. We are happy to have a chat with you at any time.




Time Demands (approximate):


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