Report: Senior Friends Gathering 2016 in Budapest

June 9th, 2016 4:51 pm

Senior Friends Gathering Report

13-15 May 2016

Hungary, Budapest


Senior Friends of WSCF-Europe flew from various countries in Europe to meet in May 2016 with their fellows and catch up with the life of the organization they used to be involved in all kinds of ways in the past. WSCF-Europe was happy to facilitate this meeting and to organize it conjunction with a student conference. This was with our intention to bring both students and former members together in shared spaces.


Photo by Lyell Clark

The meeting itself has a history in WSCF-Europe and the previous one happened in Austria, in 2009. WSCF-Europe wants to renew and establish a tradition of Senior Friends gathering and this meeting was the very start of it or rather the continuation of it. The planning committee was composed of the current Chair (Zuzana Babicova) and former Chair (Sofie Eriksen), former Treasurer (Markus Ojakoski) and other former Europe region committee members- Vera Papp and David Cleary who were helping to prepare this event.

Who met?

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We were a group of 20 people- Zuzana Babicova (SVK), Sofie Bonde Eriksen (DE), Markus Ojakoski (FIN), David Cleary (IRE), Vera Papp (HUN), Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet (FR), Pip Sides (IRE), Agnes Pagyanszky (HUN), Hannah & Katharina Satlow (AT & DE), David & Clare Wilkins (UK), Ee Chia Chuah (Malaysia, studying in Budapest), Hans Hommens (DE) and current and former WSCF- Europe staff members Maria Kozhinova, Natia Tsintsadze and Pawel Pustelnik. Our meeting was also joined by the current ERC members Krista Autio, Pawel Cecha and Pavlina Manavska who were participating at the parallel happening WSCF-Europe conference.

What did we do?

The meeting for 2, 5 days was a rather informal gathering. Our first day was opened by a morning prayer led by Agnes Pagyanszky who lives and works in Budapest as a Student Christian Chaplain. It was really great to have Agnes at least for the morning with us as we could go back with her to the times from 10-15 years ago when our movement in Hungary in its former shape was being born in Budapest. After that we spent our morning sharing by what WSCF-Europe meant for each of us -as we all came and made plans to reconnect after a few years.

Markus_6455004_1450059970744997853_o (1)

A lot of our experiences were connected with Friendships, Learning, Fun and Spiritual experience. Later in the afternoon, we continued…

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Read more – download full report here.


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