Press release: Agape 2016 International Political Camp

September 23rd, 2016 10:03 am

On August 13-20, Agape Ecumenical Centre in Prali, Italy, has hosted an International Political Camp. 40 participants from all continents came together to tackle the topic “Migration: Breaking down boundaries on a journey towards a common home” through workshops, role plays, panel discussions and storytelling sessions.

WSCF has been an important partner of the Agape Ecumenical Center since its birth in 1947, which it helped build right after World War II as a symbol of reconciliation among the nations that had been in the conflict. Every summer students from all the regions of the WSCF attend the Agape theological and political international camps. This year’s Political Camp was attended by over a dozen delegates and Senior Friends from all WSCF regions, which met to share the work in their regions. Members of the WSCF Advocacy and Solidarity Committee present at Agape camp met to make additional proposals to strategic plan on WSCF work on migrant justice.

The success of Agape Political Camps lays in its international dimension: although hosted in Europe, the camp welcomed guests from Africa, Asia and both Americas, bringing their own contexts, ideas, problems and solutions on migration to the table. With this wide range of perspectives, the Agape Political Camp has facilitated deep dialogue and came up with several solutions for the problems causing and caused by migration.


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