WSCF-E is opening a Communications Officer position. Apply now!

July 3rd, 2015 8:49 am

Call for applications

Communications Officer

Location: work from home, in Europe or outside

Hours: part-time, 4 days a month (32 hours monthly)

Start Date:  ASAP, between 15 Aug- 1 Nov 2015

Duration: 1 year with the possibility to extend for up to 3 years upon successful evaluation every year

Remuneration: € 250 euro monthly (taxation according to taxation law in the candidate’s country)


About us

Our organisation, World Student Christian Federation- Europe, is a small umbrella NGO which has member movements all across Europe. Our Berlin-based staff, together with a group of motivated volunteers, work for our members and interested people to realise our vision of just and peaceful communities in our societies.

We work with young people and students to create bridges across barriers of religion, Christian denominations, nationality and gender. We raise awareness of key issues of our times and educate and empower youth. Can you help make our vision have a tangible impact?


The role

We are looking for a creative person that can help us with regular communications work and two communications projects we are intending to undertake.

You will get a lot of responsibility and opportunity to learn a lot – improve your technical skills in communications as well as your project management skills.  You can live anywhere – in Europe or outside of Europe- as the work will be done via emails.

What will you do?

During the 1st year, two projects and regular communications work shall be as follows:

Project based tasks

Operational tasks

Supervision and coaching of  two volunteers working on WSCF-Europe Newsletter and WSCF-E  social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (10%)

Project based tasks:

It is the priority of WSCF-E to redevelop its website mainly in its navigation, user friendliness and marketing strength. Therefore Communications Officer will be focused on this task during the first 6 months of the employment. You will work with our IT skilled person who will be able to advise you on advanced website redevelopment.

You will be expected to present to the WSCF-E regional committee proposals on how to improve our website and provide professional marketing judgement and rationale for your proposals. Based on the review of the regional committee, proposals that address navigation, user-friendliness and marketability will be approved and you will be able to implement them. All major interventions to the website should be deployed in consultation with the regional committee. Your main colleagues and line manager will be the Chair and the Regional Secretary of WSCF-Europe who will be providing tasks, advise and support.

Operational tasks:

Beside this project task over the first 6 months, there will be a number of regular marketing/communications tasks for you to manage side by side with the website project. Your role will be to oversee timely production of our monthly Newsletter and supervise work of social media volunteer. Here we expect that you will establish regular communication with our two volunteers and on regular basis will give feedback on their work as the only communications professional in our team.

It will be up to you how you manage this supervision, it is important that there is a positive collaboration established between you and our volunteers who can grow and develop and that you produce good quality output together. Beside this, each month there will be some work on producing communication materials which can range from calls for jobs, calls for event team members or event participants, etc.

In addition, one of your important operational tasks shall be to update the website of WSCF-Europe. For that you will be receiving input from the Chair and Regional Secretary and with the time, we will expect you to acquire knowledge to know when and how to update the website based on information from the team. A small part of your work shall be to assist our Links Coordinator whose role is to communicate with our member movements.


As this job can be done from anywhere in the world, you are free to work when it suits you during the week. it is that important that you will be able  to meet deadlines and produce work in timely manner.

You will be responsible for your work to WSCF-Europe regional committee who will evaluate your work after first 3 months- which shall be probation period. There will be regular communication established between you and your line managers (Chair and the RS representing WSCF-E regional committee). Reporting of worked hours shall be done on a weekly basis to oversee your workload. We will  mutually adjust hours if need be and will compensate your overtimes.


What should you have?

You will find a downloadable file with detailed required characteristics and skills for this position here.



Applications and interviews

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