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  1. Apply for an ERC position!

    Note from Zuzana Babicova, WSCF-Europe Cairperson:

    Dear members of movements,

    Every two years there is an opportunity for you that you may or even may not think about. It is about giving but also receiving a lot- opportunities to help with your skills and grow further, meet new people and make friends on the way. Being on the Regional Committee of WSCF-Europe is not about being ready- but about being committed, motivated and having time to volunteer and work together as the team! Consider one of the roles and hear life changing experiences what 2 years on the ERC gave to many people over the last decade. 

    Zuzana Babicova

    Apply for an ERC position before 1st October 2017, by filling-in the application form. The new ERC will be announced during our European Regional Assembly, which this year will be held in Ireland. Don’t hesitate to submit your application today!


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  2. Mozaik: Call for Articles

    Europe has always been a continent of migrants. Romans to Goths, Slavs and Celts, our history is one of ‘movement’. However, recent waves of arrivals from outside of Europe, in many cases countries affected by conflict, have provoked contentious reactions, from  the Flüchtlinge Wilkommen in Germany to the Front National in France.

    A rise in immigration has in some cases come with a rise in xenophobia. At our October conference in Prosperous, Kildare, Ireland, we aim to investigate and discuss the following questions:

    Is it possible for non-Europeans to integrate in Europe in such large numbers?
    Is “our” security more important than “their” security?
    Do migrants bring anything positive to society?

    For this issue of Mozaik, we welcome perspectives from across Europe, particularly from people with experience of migration and those who have worked with migrants and refugees. We are interested in discovering and investigating the experience of migration and answering the above questions through text, visual art, poetry and other mediums.

    Who do I contact?

    We are accepting contributions of articles up to 2,000 words, with a preliminary deadline of 10th September 2017. For more information, contact Editor-in-Chief James Jackson, at .

    We look forward to receiving your contributions!


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  3. WSCF-E at the 2017 Summer School on Human Rights

    Between 2nd-6th July, the Conference of European Churches, in collaboration with the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe, organised the Annual Summer School on Human Rights, which this year focused on the rights of migrants and asylum seekers.

    The programme took place in Palermo, Italy, and included in-depth discussions on legal frameworks, which could make human rights central to migrants and refugees policies, and reflections on the securitisation of migration on the world’s current socio-political stage. In addition, testimonies of migrants themselves provided insides to the various struggles that they are facing, which opened the floor for discussions surrounding ways in which the Church could help migrants more.

    In preparation for the WSCF-E conference on migration that will take place in October, in Ireland, our Treasurer, Clare, had the opportunity to participate in the summer school. Briefly reflecting on her experience, Clare stated:

    “I was a bit daunted by the programme which had a lot of content about
    the legal frameworks, but found it very accessible. I heard also about
    practical examples for supporting migrants, and have made some
    connections with organisations throughout Europe that I will follow
    up in the coming months. I am really grateful to CEC and WSCF-E for
    this opportunity!”.


    All in all, the summer school represented a great forum for an open discussion on migrants’ rights and a chance of voicing support for the enforcement and protection of these rights.


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  4. Call for applications: WSCF-E conference in Ireland

    Is it possible for non-Europeans to integrate in Europe in such large numbers?
    Is “our” security more important than “their” security?
    Do migrants bring anything positive to society?

    The WSCF-E is hosting a safe space for dialogue about these questions and more.

    If you would like to be part of this dialogue, join us between 7-13 October 2017 in Kildare, Ireland for “(I)migrant: perspectives of minority integration in Europe”.

    Young people from all over Europe will be gathering to sing, eat, pray and talk deeply about integration and community building.

    During the programme, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops, lectures and small group discussions. This is aimed at creating mutual respect and enhancing understanding of topics such as: building and sustaining diverse communities, and how we can shape our future together

    For details, you can read the Aim and Objectives, and we particularly encourage you to apply if:

    • you are a part of a WSCF-Europe Student Christian Movement, or
    • you have first-hand experience of migration, or
    • you work/volunteer supporting migrants, refugees or asylum seekers.

    You can apply here. The deadline is July 30 (extended). This conference will be in English.

    The participation fee is 170 €. For financial subsidy, see here for details. If you find difficult to pay the minimum participation fee, and you are migrant, refugee or asylum seeker, please contact .

    We are grateful to the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and our Senior Friends for funding this conference.

    What? “(I)migrant: perspectives of minority integration in Europe”
    When? 7-13 October 2017
    Where? Prosperous, Kildare County , Ireland


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  5. Call for Journal Illustrator: Apply today!

    WSCF-Europe is searching for an illustrator for the next issue of our Mozaik journal. Are you an aspiring photographer or graphic designer, can you draw, paint or illustrate? If yes, we may have a job for you!

    What is the work about?

    The task is to prepare 30-35 black&white previously unpublished images and 2-4 colour images (for the inside and outside front magazine cover pages), like in this example. These will be used to illustrate our Journal Mozaik following the joint educational conference (I)migrant: perspectives of minority integration in Europe. You will be part of the Editorial team, which will help you to direct and inspire your work. Your materials shall be prepared in advance of the conference, and will be paired with suitable articles once conference participants’ article contributions are in.

    When will the work take place? You should be doing illustrations between 1 July – 1 September 2017.

    Remuneration:  200 €

    How to apply?

    If you are interested in illustrating the forthcoming Mozaik, please send three example pictures, previously unpublished, that can be used in the magazine together with a short (150-200 words) description of your visual/artistic vision for this Mozaik journal issue by: 1 June 2017.

    For more details about this contract position please email James Jackson, Mozaik Editor-in-Chief, on .


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  6. European Regional Committee met in Vilnius

    WSCF-European Regional Committee and Board met in Vilnius for a statutory meeting on 8-11 April 2017. The topics discussed were:

    • Detailed programmatic planning 2017-2019
    • Finances
    • Communication initiatives
    • Staff changes
    • WSCF Global
    • Strategic planning

    Download meeting minutes here.


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  7. We are searching for conference preparation team members!

    Volunteers are essential to the success of WSCF-E events. So join us and let us do something special together! We are looking for you to help us organize a conference on the topic (I)migrant: perspectives of minority integration in Europe, which will take place from 6 to 12 October 2017 in Ireland!

    You can

    • become part of a team that, from June to October 2017, will prepare the conference
    • take on a big responsibility with other volunteers and help this event be a success
    • challenge yourself, develop new skills in public relations work, time management and team work and realize your potential
    • contribute your own knowledge, experience and talents
    • connect with other Christian students, gain experience working in an international team and have a fun time together

    Preparations will include two in-person meetings of the volunteer leadership team in Ireland-one in June and the other one shortly before the conference.

    If you would like to get a taste of how it is to be in a Preparatory Committee, read this reflection by Pavlina Manavska, or this one by Annika Foltin, or this one by James Jackson.

    To apply to become a volunteer, please fill in the application form by 15 May 2017.

    We look forward to hearing from you and to create our team!




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  8. Project of CPCE: Protestant Forum for young theologians

    Community of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE) invites young theologians aged up to 35 years to the Protestant Forum, taking place in Wroclaw, Poland 4-8 April 2018.

    Find all information in this booklet (PDF) and this application form (DOCX). Share it with a friend!

    Please let us know on if you want to participate in this event.


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  9. Call for Fundraiser for Global WSCF

    The World Student Christian Federation is seeking a Fundraiser to join the global staff team.

    The Fundraiser will be a key part to enabling our future work across the world through communication and relationship with our potential, existing, and previous supporters. The position is for an initial 1 year, with potential extension and located in the staffs home country or residence and travels to IRO office location when needed.

    Please review the below documents for further information.


    Job description

    Please send requests for further information, expressions of interest/ nomination, and applications stating how your skills and experience address the position description to WSCF Honorary Treasurer Bronwyn Claire via

    Applications close 20 March 2017, and interviews will be conducted between 20 and 24 March 2017.


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  10. WSCF UDPS 2017 Liturgy on Identity Diversity & Dialogue

    Affirming the Image of God and Reclaiming the Wholeness of Life for All is this year’s theme for our Universal Day of Prayer for Students UDPS 2017 observance. This is inspired by our General Assembly decision to engage in a prayerful dialogue on sexual identities and diversity in this quadrennium. On the occasion of this year’s UDPS we offer this Liturgy to guide us in our prayers, fellowship and worship as we come together as a faith community in different parts of the world. It our hope that this theme will inspire us to reflect on the meaning of the Image of God and Wholeness of Life for All, welcoming and including the diverse identities in our communities and ensuring that their voices are included our prayers and worship.

    Through our annual observance of the Universal Day of Prayer for Students we affirm our belongingness to our common prayer life and fellowship in Jesus Christ, our responsibility to love and respect one another. We honour and celebrate the legacy of WSCF and give thanks to the life and contributions of our dear Senior Friends. Finally, we commit to pursuing our vision of building the Kingdom of God here on Earth where justice, peace, love and equality prevails.

    In observing the UPDS 2017, we request that you continue to pray for WSCF, our movements and its leaders as we go through this organisational transition period. We request that you share your gifts and blessings to the WSCF Give One Be One Fundraising Campaign as your contribution to ensuring and sustaining the life and mission of WSCF at this critical time.    

    We thank the members of WSCF Asia Pacific region, Sunita Suna our IDD Team Leader for coordinating this year’s UPDS Liturgy on IDD. We hope that you can use this material and adapt this to your local context. Please do share  this material to you movements and kindly send us news and pictures of your UDPS activities.

    May the grace and love of God be with you and bless you all!


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