When I was Young a Blackberry was ‘Just’ a Fruit

January 11th, 2012 4:59 pm

Video Workshop
Maximilian Karrasch and Gabor Nemet

This workshop can be used for small or very large groups, as long as at least two groups can be formed from the entire group. The time spent on the workshop greatly depends on how much time you give groups to create the videos and the number of groups you have, as you need to allow time for viewing all the videos that have been created. Also, you can choose to lead a discussion afterwards regarding the necessity or burden technology creates.


The Workshop:

This workshop allows participants to explore either the positive or negative effects of social media and technology on their everyday life. It doesn’t take a lot of preparation; rather the creativity of participants. After dividing into small groups distribute evenly one of the following tasks:

As a group, you need to make an advertisement video promoting the prevention of the overuse of technology in daily and community life. Your opinion is that technology is not necessary in daily and community life.

You have 25 minutes to make a two minute video.

As a group, you need to make a motivational advertisement video promoting the use of technology in daily and community life. Your opinion is that there is nothing better than using technology at every time and at every place.

You have 25 minutes to make a two minute video.

After the groups have finished, play the videos for the entire group. After the impending laughter subsides, you can lead a discussion/debate about whether or not we need to completely ‘switch-off’ from the technological world or if a balance can be found.

Example debriefing questions:

Gabor Nemet is a 24 yearlold NGO activist from Novi Sad, Serbia working with people with disabilities. He is happily in love, has a big interest in technology and graphic and mobile development. Trumpet player, speedy driver and likes bowling. 

Max just finished his Bachelor of arts in protestant theology and pedagogy at the University of Münster (Germany) and will soon start his Master of Education. Once he will be a teacher but on his way there, he is volunteering in different NGOs and youth organisations such as WSCF, CEC and Greenpeace.

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