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December 20th, 2013 1:29 pm


A reflection on WSCF-Europe and Lithuanian Evangelical Lutheran Youth meeting in Klaipeda- June 14-17 2013.

It was an incredibly cold and drizzly Friday when we met WSCF-E staff members Hans Hommens and Miro Pastorek together with Libby Lewin, WSCF-E Treasurer at a cozy port hostel. Although planned as a larger Nordic-Baltic region conference, the event turned out to be smaller than we had originally thought. The meeting was as homely as the venue; apart from the WSCF team there were only six members of the Lithuanian Evangelical Lutherans. Although the event took place at scenic Klaipeda city, there was not much time for sightseeing. The hours ran away like crazy and we had to plan days strictly to get the most out of our meeting.

We had so many things to discuss together.  To begin with, we had an intensive talk about the work of Lithuanian Evangelical Lutheran youth organizations (Vilnius Evangelical Lutheran Academic Youth Fellowship and Lithuanian Evangelical Lutheran Church Youth Centre). Non-governmental organizations like this usually differ from each other not only throughout Europe, but also within countries. Lithuania is no exception.  At the meeting we tried to explore all the differences between the Lutheran youth organizations – the way we work, pray, attract new members, organize various events… What is more, we also tried to explore the current financial situation, our partnership with other youth organizations and opportunities to strengthen our cooperation with WSCF-E.

We take pride in being involved with WSCF-E for nearly 20 years. It‘s good to be a veteran. Last, but not least, we viewed a presentation of WSCF-E’s work, their regional structures and future plans. An exciting opportunity for Lithuania to provide a candidate for the European Regional Committee election was also discussed.

It would be remiss of me not to mention one of WSCF-E’s latest projects: Lithuania-Georgia SCM exchange. During this project, 2 people from each country will have an opportunity to visit their respective countries for a weekend and participate in everyday SCM’ers work, to explore the way another SCM deals with its day-to-day problems and gain some new experiences.

These few days of our meeting disappeared in a flash. We all came back home full of new ideas, hopes and a willingness to get more involved into our SCM work. And change the world….in our own small way!

It’s hard to review everything that was discussed; overall, the best thing was how enthusiastic WSCF was about our SCM in Lithuania and what incredible events and conferences they organize. When you start to get involved in it, you just can’t stop- it’s just amazing!

“Close and warm communication in a small group was a key factor in getting to know each other and also the differences and similarities of our communities. It was the first time the guests visited Lithuania and it seemed that they were really interested in Lithuanian youth work, our SCM structure and communications with the other Lithuanian SCMs. I also found it important that we tried to find answers on how to strengthen the cooperation between WSCF and our youth organizations. We considered how to share information about WSCF-E among SCM members in Lithuania.” – Agne, who participated in the meeting

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