Mozaik 31 Who is my Neighbour?

December 20th, 2013 12:04 pm

Mozaik 31 Who is my Neighbour?

Mozaik 31Who does our society exclude? How does our faith build bridges and draw borders? What does it mean to love your neighbours? Do you know who they are? What does it mean to be a neighbour in your society?

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Pawel PUSTELNIK – Editorial

Marta GUSTAVSSON, Jonathan WILKSTEN – Motion of acceptance

Márta VÁRNAGYI – No Country for Roma People

Bashy QURAISHY – Stories of experience of community and solidarity across lines of culture and religion

JoAnne LAM – Xenophobic…me?

Jo MUSKER – The New Asylum Model in Britain and the rise of Xenophobia

Hattie HODGSON – Loving our neighbour? It might be more difficult than you think…

Ibrahim MOGRA – Islam and immigration are no strangers to one another

Csaba SZIKRA – Free-time activities as tools of intercultural integration

Shannon PHILIPP – Am I a xenophobe? Being a progressive Christian student today

Marta MAFFIA – The New Italians

Viliam LATTA – Central and Eastern European SCM Training

Annika FOLTIN – How is it to be in a Preparatory Committee?

Nino KURTANIDZE – Like a Paddington Bear

Jos KOFIJBERG – Refugees and the Future of Europe

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