Mozaik 30 Guilty or Not Guilty?

August 22nd, 2013 4:58 pm

Mozaik 30 Guilty or Not Guilty?

Do we still have time in our hectic lives to take a moment and think about guilt or are we just limited to the guilty feelings after having eaten too much chocolate? Are religion and ethics separable? How should I live if crimes were committed in the name of my nation?

Pawel PUSTELNIK – Editorial 


Ragnhild Bjørvik OPSAHL – My Lent-ish Project

Paul CROME – Living Below the Line

Eva UNGVARI – Thoughts about Sin and Guilt

Janko STEFANOV – Secular Society, Conscience and Guilt: A Brief Reflection

JoAnne CHUNG YAN LAM – What has Guilt Done for Us Lately


Marta GUSTAVSSON – Simul Iustus et Peccator, or On the Problem with Grace

Nenad DMITRIJEVIC – Moral Responsibility for Collective Crime

Alexander (Areshian-Hakopyan) ARKTOS – Dominion over Natural Resources as Curatorship, Custodianship or Stewardship

David WEBERMAN – Are Ethics and Religion Separable?


Anna ABRAM – What Kind of Ethics Do We Need Today?

Vivian BOLAND – Psychology and Moral Theology: Collaboration and Challenges

James JACKSON – Are Drug Users Guilty or Not Guilty?


Magdalena SLAWIŃSKA – Abortion: Law and Morality

Pavlo SMYTSNYUK – Shame and Guilt

Gabriela BRADOVKOVÁ – Twice About One Guilt: A Bible Study

Katka BABICOVÁ, Shannon PHILLIP, Pawel PUSTELNIK – The Financial Crisis: A Role Play


Katka BABICOVÁ – A Short Future Memory of One

Hans HOMMENS – A Letter from the WSCF Europe Regional Secretary

Yulia BAJELIDZE – Georgia Joins WSCF

Márta VÁRNAGYI – What Does it Mean to Follow Christ Today?

Vera PAPP – WSCF Executive Committee Meeting in Berlin

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