Mozaik 29 Communicating Gender

October 10th, 2012 2:17 pm

Mozaik 29 Communicating Gender

Is gender violence found in what we say or just in what we do?
Does my gender change when I cross a border?
Is language a barrier for communication between genders?
Does God have a gender?
Can students use Facebook and Twitter to change the way we speak about gender?

Whether communication is verbal, visual, or kinaesthetic gender pervades communications, particularly in verbal languages and the media. The use of language will have a powerful effect as the borders of Europe open. As people move freely between different cultures we can see a cross-fertilisation of languages. Moving towards gender positive language will promote gender equality and human rights.

Pawel PUSTELNIK – Editorial


Marta GUSTAVSSON – the eschatological closet

Steven CANNING – She and Alpha Male

From the Archives: Eva Danneholm

Nick SCHUURMAN – A Baby Named Storm and the Case for a Normative Pattern for Gender
A theological reflection looking at the Canadian case study of parents raising a child without a gender.

JoAnne Lam – Is God a ‘He’ or a ‘She’?
We happily welcome our new columnist who will write on each upcoming issue. This time she explores gender and God.


Kathy GALLOWAY– My Faith, My Gender
Looking at women and gender, Kathy explains her own faith, feminism and theological understanding of gender.

Renato Kjeld Lings – Homoeroticism and the Bible: Time for a Fresh Approach
Recently, Christian communities have experience heated debates on homoerotic relationships – quoting the bible. This articles seeks to clarify the concepts involved and recommends a fresh, gospel based approach.

Jens CHRISTIAN KIRK – Women and the 16th Century
An introduction to the possibilities for women to express themselves in the age of Reformation in Western Europe.


Martin BONDE CHRISTENSEN – An Unconventional Bible Study
This study allows us, in a creative way, to open our eyes to the prophetic-critical nature of biblical texts and their ability for them to question our ways of thinking about society.

Kathy GALLOWAY – My Faith, My Gender: A Conversation
Using poetry and song, this guided conversation helps participants to explore their faith and gender together.

Dima BARTALEVICH – A Bible Study on Gender
This study asks contemporary questions about Church and Gender as well exploring stories of Jesus and women in the Bible.

Márta VÁRNAGYI – Women’s Role Patterns in Fairy Tales: “How does Cinderella find her boots today?”
By using story-telling participants explore gender roles in traditional and modern fairy-tales.

Worship from the “Communicating Gender” Conference


WSCF Europe Office – Budapest to Berlin
The WSCF Europe Office tells the story of the process of transitioning from Hungary to Germany

Gabriella BRADOVKOVA – Going Deeper into Unity
A personal reflection on the experience of attending the “Communicating Gender” Conference.

GauteBRæKKEN  – Seminar on Ecumenical Student Work in Europe
Norway looks forward to inviting students from across Europe to their Ecumenical Summer Camp.

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