Mozaik 27 Climate Justice Now!

January 16th, 2012 2:19 pm

Mozaik 27“Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it” God said; however, for our generation, action against climate change is a matter of survival. How do we reconcile these messages? Climate Change continues to affect the entire planet. Depending on where you live, these effects may impact your daily life very differently. Our action, inaction, waste, food, transportation, and almost all of our daily choices are deeply entrenched in a complicated and intermingled global and ecological web. How do we raise awareness about this delicate chain of connections?

The issue reminds us that climate justice is closer to each of us than we might think. Daily travel behavior or shopping on one side and the pressure in the government of your country on the other. Even ecumenical involvement might engage taking decisions related to environmental loyalty and sustainable living.

Pawel PUSTELNIK – Editorial

Climate Justice Now! Statement
The participants at the joint WSCF Europe/EYCE conference put together a statement expression their views about Eco-Justice.


Janne DALE HAUGER – The Good Girl? The story of a hungry woman trying to live sustainably
This is the story of a woman trying to live sustainably – which proves to be harder then expected.

Marta GUSTAVSSON – On Politics and Piety
What content should a Christian lifestyle have, in the age of global warming, environmental destruction, and increasing violence often due to global inequality and widespread exposure of the world’s poor?

Nick SCHUURMAN – Faith in the Furrow: Farming as devotion
How do we leave the distractions behind and get back to nature? Nick finds spirituality by getting back to the earth.

Mattias IRVING – Something That Unites Us
This earth is our only chance for life, happiness and peace. It is our home, and maybe the only thing that unites us all.


Jonathan WIKSTEN – COP 15
After visiting the COP15 with SCM Sweden, Jonathan reflects on his experience there.

David MASTERS – Divided Loyalties: Ecumenism or the environment?
How do we balance our lives when we are called to one movement that works against another calling?

Aileen FEW – Exhausting Our Natural Resources
We can build a place where it was okay to be overwhelmed by the weight of the issues we face  – where care is both global and local.

Resource – Universal Day of Prayer for Students – A liturgy on climate justice
Liturgy prepared by the Reverend Ejike Okoro (Nigeria) on behalf of the Africa Region, prepared for the Universal Day of Prayer for Students.


Nikos KOSMIDIS – Climate Change – A Story of the Present: WCC Living Letters to the Pacific Churches
Nikos travels to the island of Viwa in Fiji and discovers the true effects of Climate Change.

Rev. Dr. Peter PAVLOVIČ – Recognition of the Gift of Creation as a Motivation for Climate Justice
A new Ecumenical approach to climate justice should be prepared for a meaningful dialogue with politics and with secular approaches to environmental protection.

Resource – A Prayer

Siarhei YUSHKEVICH – Ecological Imperative: A response to the ecological challenge in Eastern Europe
An exploration of the Orthodox tradition and an approach to the ecological imperative.

Victor LIZA JARAMILLO – Climate Change and the General Election in Peru
Following the presidential elections in Peru, Victor explains the consquences on the enivornment due to the results.


Katka BABICOVÁ – Poverty, Wealth and Ecology
As a WSCF Europe representative to the Poverty, Wealth and Ecology meeting held by Conference of European Churches (CEC) and the World Council of Churches (WCC) reflects on her experience.

Márta SINKÓ – A Recipe for Environmentalism
Following the Central European SubRegion event Marta explains what it means for her to be a Christian when looking at environmental issues.

Stanislau PAULAU – A Magic Window of Scottish Theology
Learn about the Visions for the Future,  second International Theological Summer School in Scotland.

From the Archives: Anna FRALING – Women and Ecology: The fascist potential of some feminist theories
This piece from 1978 the  discusses relationship of the women’s fight for liberation and the fight against the destruction of the environment.

World Student Christian Federation’s Water Justice Campaign
An announcement about the 2011 global Campaign.

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