Editorial M28

January 16th, 2012 4:05 pm

I am Pawel. I’m 23 years old. I use Facebook, I Skype more than an hour a day. A day without some mp3s is out of the question. Sending e-mails all the time is more natural than having a cup of coffee in the morning. My phone is smarter than me – bought recently and already an indispensable tool. Addicted? Perhaps just adjusted to reality, where the virtual world is closely bound with the one we can touch and smell. Actually, judging by the development of technology in the last years, we might be able to experience the virtual world with more senses – sooner than we think.

In this Mozaik, we are trying to show different perspectives on the modern technology – its pros and cons. For the first time, we decided to ask the same question to three theologians that represents different Christian denominations – they show how their Churches perceive technology and how their communities make use of it. An interesting outlook on Internet is given by our Swedish author, Marta Gustavsson, who takes a look at our bodies seen through photoshopped low resolution. Another little stone to the discussion about the technology is given by David Masters. In ‘Life Unplugged’ he shares about being disconnected from the digital world. What would happen if there was no Twitter update? David takes us for a trip where we meet sounds of silence filling the space left by the computer ventilators. Finally, Simon Stevens explores rational choice theory applied to Internet use. A striking portrait of religious vitality provided!

Since we are talking about social networks… Remember to like us on Facebook and find the Editorial Team on the WSCF Connections. You can follow us on Twitter, see the conferences on YouTube and perhaps in the future attend them without leaving your cosy flat. We just hope that the digital saturation will not deprive us of a deep and uniting spirituality. And that somewhere under our skin we will be smarter than our phone applications.

-Pawel Pustelnik

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