Green Toolbox is available NOW!

August 23rd, 2013 1:45 pm

International Young Naturefriends together with WSCF-Europe and Homo Ecos produced a publication that broadly tackles the issues related to everyday sustainability.

Green Toolbox


Green Toolbox encourages and inspires various sector organizations to apply sustainable working practices in their daily work and within their project and office management. It responds to the questions ranging from how we can choose the most environmentally friendly merchandise and gadgets to most socially responsible banking for our organization; what office and project management practices can do most good and least harm for people, natural environment and animals.

”We are thrilled that GTB is finally out! What makes it even more special is continuous feedback we are receiving from its users on how beneficial it has been for their organizations!”

– says Ilze Jece, Secretary General of the International Young Naturefriends, who was leading the editorial team.

The group of young authors is planning practical dissemination of the GTB’s content through workshops. Now, you can download the publication for free!

The publication can be ordered from IYNF and it is free of charge. Only postal costs of Euro 5 should be covered by the subscriber. You can download a pdf version as well.

Green Toolbox is a result of a project “Road to sustainability! Green toolbox for sustainable youth organizations” that was kindly supported and financed by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, The Visegrad Fund, Youth in Action Programme of the European Commission and Naturefriends International.

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