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January 16th, 2012 12:18 pm

The approach to the theme of climate justice was started already in September 2010, when the preparation committee for the Climate Justice Now! Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe – WSCF-E joint study session met for the first time. As a member of that group, I was overwhelmed by the huge topic; we were struggling to cover all the issues vital to climate change with a Christian perspective. Believe it or not, but this theme is huge…

Regardless of the place where you live, you can appreciate the beauty of creation. Touch the bark of a tree that wakes you up in the morning with its rustling leaves; see the clouds, sun, water. Wherever you are, even in the most industrialized place, you can feel the presence of that all-embracing smoothness. Sometimes one can have the impression that by our behavior we are trying to escape from the natural. Fortifying ourselves in the concrete cities; preferring to cry over the species that are becoming obsolete… In the context of environment, not caring is destroying.

In this issue, you can see how people from different settings understand climate justice and how they try to lead sustainable lives. What we are aiming for, is to show as broad approach to environmental issues as possible. We need to go beyond worrying about the huge problems of the irreversible loss of biodiversity, increasing temperature of the planet and suffocating gasses and find a way to personally contribute to a solution. We need to do something down-to-earth and do it together. As long as we are united in the will to change, we can do it.

We are very happy to present you the Climate Justice Now! Statement, which is one of the results of the joint study session. The text was written by the participants after a long debate that helped us to understand each other better. Our message was presented at the Council of European Churches and World Council of Churches session on Poverty, Wealth and Ecology – the voice of the youth was united and strong!

Finally, let me express my gratitude to the European Regional Committee of WSCF-E for appointing me to the Editor-in-Chief position. I will make my every effort to meet expectations of our current and future readers. I would like offer my thanks to Andrew Wild, who was leading the editorial team in the last two years. Continuing the work of the previous editors we will keep Mozaik open to the discussion full of broadness and understanding.

Peace and Grace be with you,

-Pawel Pustelnik

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