January 15th, 2013 5:42 pm

This Mozaik is in many ways very special. Firstly, it tackles a very difficult matter of guilt and sin. Two concepts that are perceived differently. The manner we deal with them also varies. The aim we have is to make you think of the approach you have towards guilt, responsibility and repentance in various areas of life. Do we still have time in our hectic lives to take a moment and think about guilt or are we just limited to the guilty feelings after having eaten too much (but what is too much…) chocolate? In this issue we are trying to show as many approaches to the problem as possible. Ragnhild, from Norway, tells her story of reducing consumption taking us in with her to a compelling journey in a world full of tempting opportunities. Paul, from the UK, decides to live on one pound a day to draw attention to the problem of global poverty.

The “Guilty or Not Guilty?” conference that this issue follows up was packed with lectures. We try to share the facts participants have been privileged to receive first hand. David Weberman gives an interesting account of the separability between religion and ethics offering various thought-provoking perspectives. On the other side, there is an article by Nenad Dimitrijevic who contributes a very personal piece on guilt based on his experiences related to the conflicts in Balkans. Asking questions like “How should I live?” he offers absorbing answers of a man who yet experienced and wise, still asks and never finds solutions. Finally, Anna Abram approaches the issue of guilt through reading poetry by a Polish Noble Prize Winner, Czesław Miłosz. Inspiring!

While we have been working on this issue, Katka Babicova has completed her time as Regional Secretary interim. You can read Katka’s story of her engagement in the Federation. The new Regional Secretary Hans Hommens, who started his work in July, shares his first impressions as well.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude I owe Jill Piebiak. After three extremely productive years of her commitment to WSCF Europe, Jill goes back to Canada. The four issues we have been working on together was a truly valuable time of learning, sharing and growing up.

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