April 10th, 2012 2:28 pm

Paweł Pustelnik

Often words do not come easy and gestures are more natural. However, usually we communicate through language and it is the measure to express our thoughts.

In this issue of Mozaik, we have been trying to show the diversity that every language offers to its users. The possibilities but also the traps that we experience in a gender sensitive reality can be found everywhere. When you try to add a religious component to that uneasy setting, language becomes a powerful tool. That is why we wanted to share more reflexive pieces and wonderful poetry by Steven Canning and Marta Gustavsson. Sometimes it is just easier to turn towards creativity to convey a message that a multitude of words would blur.

Sadly enough, language is often used as tool of manipulation or violence. The ‘hatred pollution’ in language reaches unprecedented levels and often the only opposition is political correctness or silence. As young Christians, witnesses and agents of change, we are the ones who need to oppose those tendencies. This resistance is a universal principle that can be implemented with a spirit of solidarity in each and every place. The empowerment that language gives is an instrument that is to be used for affirmative defence against the death of positive communication.

I am privileged to express my gratitude to Miklós Szalay who has been Mozaik’s Art Editor for the last eight years. His creativity and patience have been always impressive. I am happy to say welcome to Maria Bradovkova who has been selected as the new Art Editor. As you can see, we decided to freshen up the layout. Yes, spring is just around the corner! Last, but not least, from now on, you can read and comment the articles that are published on paper also Online at www.wscf-europe.org. Make sure that you share those you like the most!

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