A Short Future Memory of One

January 15th, 2013 5:49 pm

Katka Babicová


To begin with, I would like to thank one more time all who supported me during the ten months of my interim service as a Regional Secretary. It was a great honour to work with all the history, present and future, of an organization with so much to give to the world and so many people educated in the spirit of “Living faith together for justice”.

Honestly, I was afraid to start, as I was feeling very young and not experienced. But after every managed task, with a little help many times, I could admit that it was the best school of life to learn decision making and friendship. Therefore, I will repeat what my colleague Luciano Kovacs, WSCF North America Regional Secretary, said, that this organization is truly raising people.

This is what the World Student Christian Federation is doing with people.

What WSCF has brought and taught me is how to be part of the community that is very diverse culturally in all its aspects. Even though it sounds like something that has already been shouted out so many times, it is a constant challenge to get to know, work and live with people from the different cultural, religious and working backgrounds. This is what has always brought paradoxically both new fresh air and struggle. It is really full everyday life.

If I would be allowed to generalize from my experience, though it can seem so, WSCF is not about the past and memories. It is a developing the life of a community with the same character – full of energy, faith and longing for justice. This has been a continuous driving force for so many years. But is there enough of it always? How to create it again if there is not enough?

From time to time, the lack of energy and resources can make the struggle much more difficult leading to greater force, continuous fighting or passivity. It depends what we choose. WSCF was for me an example of the first two; but in times, perhaps not sadly but at least not luckily of passivity. Is this a normal development of issues in one organization, I am asking myself. I believe that my question can be a question for WSCF and me as well, every day.


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