A Few Thoughts about Technology

January 11th, 2012 5:14 pm

Reflections from the “Living in a World of Technology” conference
Pavlina Manavska

People really enjoy separating things; things that are bad for people and things that are good. There is this division between what is black and white. I wonder where they learned this from; always going directly for the extremes, either too high or too low. If we think reasonably can we always understand things like this?

Apostle Paul once said: “everything is allowed but not everything is useful”. What we need to concentrate on are the useful things. For different individuals there are different things that are wrong or right. Everyone has his/her own point of view. Evil is always right behind everything we do. It is just our choice and blessed will be the one that goes for the good thing instead of the evil.

When I start thinking about the impact of technology and the greatest innovation that is connected with Christianity, I first think of the printing press. Christianity wouldn’t be imaginable without it. Printing the papers of the Bible was great; it not only helped believers to have the Holy Script, it helped to spread the News and reading became affordable for all people. Thanks to that we can enjoy reading our Bibles printed in different languages. It is just one example out of thousands.

Recently I’ve read an article and the author wrote that every time we cook good food with microwave oven or we enjoy a flush toilet, technology comes to our touch. Like air or water, although not noticed as being remarkable, it remains essential to our daily life.

We should try to see the good and positive side first instead of refusing and being pessimistic.

This conference in Finland helped me to realize that there are a lot of ways I can use technology and benefit from them. It was such a great experience to hear about the technological things that we face everyday but we are not aware of.

It is self-evident that we live in a world of technology. I strongly agree that technology has surely been essential to us and I think that the world has so many things yet to be developed in order to help society and make it good place to live. Technology has a vital role as an activity that helps us if we are clever enough to use it properly.

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