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As Christians we stand in  all people and especially those who stand on the edges of society. We post prayers and in support of other students, SCMs and Christians around the world.

  1. Condolences to the departed comrades of SCM Indonesia

    WSCF Europe prays for the families and friends of the 14 victims of a volcano eruption in Indonesia, among them 7 members of local Student Christian Movement. This is the condolence letter from WSCF Asia Pacific:

    It was with utter shock and disbelief we learnt about the tragic deaths of our comrades from Indonesia Student Christian Movement (ISCM) and people living in the Tana karo Regency region, North Sumatra due to the volcanic eruptions of Mount Sinabung.

    On that direful day of 1st February 2014, seven members from Kutacane branch of ISCM, North Sumatra went to Suka Meriah village – Kabanjahe as part of the ecumenical visit for the refugee programme. The seven members visited the region prior to a bigger group’s visit due on 2nd February, to study the situation in the area. Members from 8 branches of ISCM, North Sumatra planned to join on the following day for an emergency relief work in Tana Karo Regency, North Sumatra for the victims of previous volcanic eruptions in the recent past in the refugee shelter nearby and to warn the farmers who were in the refugee shelter to refrain from climbing up for plucking coffee beans, since the poor farmers continued their work for their livelihood despite the warnings. For the last 3 months all the members of ISCM are raising funds to help the victims of the volcanic eruption since October 2013. While they were within relatively “safe distance” of the Volcano, suddenly the volcano erupted, spewing ash and sulfur gas and engulfed the people before they could runaway to save their lives.

    This incident is certainly a horrific tragedy which claimed 14 lives and many injured and are in critical conditions. All the Seven SCMers from Indonesia on this ecumenical visit were dead!. WSCF AP mourns with the ISCM communities and expresses her heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families, friends and their loved ones. This is a great loss not only for the ISCM but for the whole federation, Church and society to lose these brave young students who had dared to help the victims under hazardous conditions near the volcano. We thank God for the life of Ms. Fitri Napitupulu (Chairperson of Kutacane Branch of Indonesian SCM), Mr. Marudut Sihite (Secretary of Kutacane Branch of ISCM), Mr. Santun Siregar (Board member of Kutacane Branch of ISCM), Mr. Julfandi Siregar (Board member of Kutacane Branch of ISCM), Mr. Daniel Siagian (a member of Kutacane Branch of ISCM), Mr. Asran Lubis (a member of Kutacane Branch of ISCM), and Mr. Mahal Surbakti (Board member of Kabanjahe Branch of ISCM)

    They will always remain in our hearts for their bravery and commitment to help the needy and will continue to inspire their fellow SCMers.

    May the departed souls rest in peace and be a driving force for all of us.

    With sincere sympathy and solidarity,

    Sunita Suna

    Regional Secretary – WSCF AP

    Among prayers, we can help raise funds for the bereaved families .  Assistance can be channelized to the bank account number 122-00-0509990-1 KCP an RSCM Jakarta GERAKAN MAHASISWA KRISTEN INDONESIA . (If you wish to contribute, please confirm to 6285297200823 ( Treasurer/Lisbeth ) or email:  for the administration report. Please also inform  and  of WSCF)

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  2. Universal Day of Prayer for Students 2014

    World Student Christian Federation invites our members and friends to celebrate The Universal Day of Prayer for Students on 16 February 2014.

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  3. An Appeal to Support the survivors of the “Super Typhoon” Haiyan in the Philippines

    WSCF Asia Pacific and SCM Philippines seek our support and donations for the survivors of the catastrophic typhoon Haiyan:  

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  4. WSCF-E Calls for Equal Rights of Sexual Minorities in Russia

    WSCF Europe wishes to express solidarity with Russian LGBT community in the times of rising homophobia in the country, expressed in the brutal incident in Volgograd. 

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  5. Joint Communique on the Abduction of Bishop Paul & Bishop John

    The World Student Christian Federation joins many others in the churches and ecumenical community in calling our members and friends to pray for the two bishops kidnapped in Syria and for and end to the ongoing tension and violence in the region.

    Our Middle East Region has requested that we share the following joint statement released by the Greek Orthodox and Syriac Patriarchates. This statement offers guidance to all of us as we struggle to know how to stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Syria during this time and how to pray. Please share widely.

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  6. Call for a Prayer for Korea’s reconciliation

    The National Council of Churches in Korea has released the statement concerning the present political situation in the Korean Peninsula. 

    The statement consists of the letter by the NCCK General Secretary Rev. Dr. Kim Young-Ju which we publish in its full form, and the petition for peace on the Korean Peninsula which you will find by clicking on the link below.

  7. WSCF Europe prays for the new Pope

    WSCF Europe congratulates the faithful of the Roman Catholic Church on the election of a new Pope. We would like to express the strong hope that the election of Pope Francis would provide a new impetus for the Roman Catholic Church as well as the whole of Christianity.

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  8. WSCF Asia-Pacific Appeal for Solidarity

    This Solidarity Appeal was prepared by the WSCF Asia-Pacific Human Rights, Justice and Peace Committee. It calls all members of Student Christian Movements to lobby on behalf of people who are harmed and threatened.

  9. WSCF supports young Christians in Egypt

    The leadership of the World Student Christian Federation held its yearly Staff and Officers Meeting in Cairo, Egypt from 13 to 20 February 2013 in order to offer their presence and support to the Student Christian Movements in Egypt.

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  10. Universal Day of Prayer for Students

    World Student Christian Federation invites our members and friends to celebrate The Universal Day of Prayer for Students on 17 February 2013.

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