Prayer Requests

As Christians we stand in  all people and especially those who stand on the edges of society. We post prayers and in support of other students, SCMs and Christians around the world.

  1. Pray with us for ESG (SCM Germany) ahead of the Kirchentag


    Dear god,

    Thank you for ESG. Thank you that they are able to run there kirchentag!

    we pray that they will be able to run a good event

    and that all there planning and hard work pays off 

    we pray that there community will be strengthened

    and that they feel your presence there

    we pray for all that attend  that they travel safely

    and that you hold them in your hands.


    for information about the event check out their website!



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  2. Nepal Earthquake Relief: An Appeal from SCM Nepal & WSCF AP 


    Nepal needs our help:

    The World Student Christian Federation(WSCF) joins the people of Nepal in grieving the death and destruction brought by the massive earthquake. At this time of national crisis the people of Nepal need our prayers, solidarity, support and comfort. We managed to established contacts with our members in SCM Nepal and happy to know that the members who live in Kathmandu are safe though their houses are destroyed in the killer quake. Rajesh Rai, SCM Nepal Coordinator informed us that the situation is getting worse, as the casualties increasing rapidly and there is not enough relief materials for people. They urgently need, food, water and temporary shelters. Rajesh has requested to pray for the people of Nepal and provide support including financial support to arrange basic commodities for people in the community. Therefore we seek your prayers, solidarity and support for the people of Nepal. Please send your financial support to SCM Nepal to arrange immediate relief materials for the earthquake victims.

    The AP region will arrange to send all the received donation for the earthquake relief to SCM Nepal. Therefore kindly transfer all your support to the given bank details below: Bank transfer:

    Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Ltd.
    Bank Address: Mongkok Branch, 677 Nathan Road
    Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Swift code: HASE HKHH
    Beneficiary Name: World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region
    Bank Account No: 283-7-716485
    By cheque:
    Make checks payable to:
    World Student Christian Federation — Asia Pacific Region. Unit 1-2, 18/F, Commercial Building, 280 Portland Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
    By Credit Card (via PayPal): Please open the attached file to pay via PayPal

    It is our responsibility to pray, act with compassion for the people of Nepal at this difficult time the whole nation is going through.

    Comfort, comfort my people, says your God”.( Isaiah 40:1) Let’s join together to pray for Nepal…

    God of all comfort, We uphold the people of Nepal, Bangladesh and Northern India in our prayers who are the victims of the massive devastating earthquake. More than 5,000 people are dead in Nepal and the death toll keeps rising. Although no words can really help to ease the loss and pain, the people of Nepal bear, we pray to you God to comfort the bereaved families who lost their loved ones. We pray for the survivors especially children and elderly to recover from the injuries and trauma. We pray for the rescue workers, doctors, volunteers who have been serving relentlessly, strengthen and empower them so that they will continue their work saving many more lives. We seek your intervention to work in the hearts and minds of the leaders of the world to respond to the desperate situation in Nepal with their supports. May you give the much needed strength, hope and comfort to the people of Nepal to rebuild their houses and their lives Amen

    Rajesh Rai National Coordinator – SCM Nepal

    Immanuel Kitnan, Sunita Suna – Chairperson – WSCF- AP

    Sunita Suna Regional Secretary – WSCF-AP

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  3. Pray for Romani people on International Romani Day




    Creator of all races and ethnicities,

    We praise you for the gift of cultural diversity in our world.

    Thank you for all our differences.

    Thank you that we can all learn to live together.


    Lord today we praise you for the Romani community

    We ask that you help us to work with them to create equal societies

    We thank you that they have manged to maintain there culture.

    We pray that we can recognize our problems and work together to fix them.



    Creator of all nations, countries and states.

    We thank you for all our lands

    We thank you for all our strengths.

    Thank you that we can love one another.


    Lord help us create an equal world.

    In your name







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  4. Pray with us for Colombia ahead of the WSCF GA (General Assembly)


    General Assembly


    Our staff and Offices are In Colombia and around the world are busy preparing for the WSCF GA ( General Assembly) lets pray for the people of Colombia and for them.

    Dear god.

    Thank you for our brothers and sisters the whole world over.

    Lord, we lift up prayer for our Colombia.

    We ask that you would bless Colombia  with your wisdom, your love, and your compassion. May the  people  be pursuing for you individually and corporately.

    Let all of Colombia peoples be filled with the presence of your great compassion toward ourselves and toward all living beings. 

    Lord, help them to change life’s 

    lord help them to work together 

    lord help them to be good. 

    Gracious Father, we pray for  WSCF Global. Fill it with  truth  and peace

    Eternal God, in whom the whole family of earth is one, breathe your spirit into our hearts that we may establish a community of trust and fellowship and justice 

    Lord help us to change life’s 

    Lord help us to work together 

    lord help us to be good. 

    In your gracious love now and forever and more 








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  5. A prayer for the new year!

    Pray with WSCF-E for 2015 



     “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present”

    Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

    Dear  Father, 

    Loving God, inspire us with courage and hope as we embark on this New Year.

    Thank you for new opportunities and help we have been given for the last year. 

    Be with us now so that we  are strengthened to inspire  and  to delight in diversity

    Help us to be builders of community with the whole family of Creation.

    Help us to keep learning throughout the next year of our lives. 

    May we always live connected to You, to the earth

    and to each other in solidarity and love,

    Through Christ our Lord,


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  6. Pray with us for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

    Father in heaven we praise you that so many people love us.

    Thank you most of all for your own great and wonderful love.

    Make us loving too grant that we may show our love by helping other people, for the sake of Jesus.

    Today we pray for all those women who despite suffering from violence, continue to care for family and children, to grow and prepare food, carry water, earn a living and offer support to others.

    We pray for women who are trafficked as domestic or sex workers; for women who are raped and do not know how to find words to name their pain or a way into the future.

    We pray for transformation of our societies which often find it easier to judge the victims of violence than to solve the problems of injustice

    We pray that women’s voices may be heard and taken into account in all peace and reconciliation work.

    We pray for right and just relations between women and men that together we may transform and overcome violence in all its forms and learn to celebrate our diversity and interdependence

    God, our loving father, thank you that you never change

    Thank you that nothing can ever happen that will make you alter

    You are the one true god and maker of all

    In Jesus name


    For more about UN Campaign for elimination of violence against women click here!

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  7. Prayer for the Mexican missing students.


    This past Sept 26, some students of the Manuel Isidro Burgos Rural Normal School in Ayotzinapa were intercepted, kidnapped and many of them remain missing.  Please pray with WSCF-E  for these missing students. 




    For the many missing students.

    We pray for you

    We pray that you are safe

    We pray that you are not hurting

    We pray For those and things that keep you away from home

    We pray that they will change.

    We pray for world leaders

    Please lease guide the leaders of the world

    Help them make the world safe

    For the missing students we pray for you

    In gods name



    To find out more about the missing students you can read about the solidarity campaign ran by the World Student Christian Federation in Latin America and the Caribbean. Read the statement  here .


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  8. Pray for those affected by the Ebola Virus.

    As the Ebola outbreak crises continues pray with us for those affected.


    Great father in heaven, thank you for doctors and nurses 

    Great father in heaven, thank you for aid workers and policy makers

    Tend thy sick ones, O lord Christ

    rest thy weary ones.

    bless the dying. 

    soothe thy suffering ones. 

    pity thine afflicted ones. 

    shield the joyous ones. 

    and all for thy loves sakes.




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  9. Pray for Hong Kong

    Pray For Hong Kong with us amidst their  pro-democracy demonstrations.


    Space counts for nothing, lord with thee 

    they love enfolds each family 

    across the ocean, far away 

    and here at here where now we pray  

    and praise thee for thy care this day 


    Please guide the leaders of many different countries 

    at the meeting where they try, by working together, to

    make the world a better and a safer place. Help them

    to want peace and show them how 

    they can share  the world.


    dear father of the world family,

    please take care of  the people of Hong Kong 

    keep them safe from danger,

    and help them find peace. 


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  10. Prayer for International Youth Day!


    International Youth Day


    Today is International Youth Day! International Youth day is a campaign by the United Nations to help support youth around the world. This year the campaign focuses on supporting youth will mental health issues. Pray with us for people with mental health problems and for the youth around the world!

    A Prayer for people suffering with mental health issues:

    Dear Lord of Mercy and Father of Comfort, You are the One I turn to for help in moments of weakness and times of need. 

    Dear Lord, I ask you to strengthen those who suffer with mental health issues and  for them to have the power to:

    Ask for help 

    To recognize their victories 

    And to love themselves 

    Dear Lord, I ask you to give us all the tools  to support those suffering with mental health problems equip us with

    Empathy to understand their problems 

    love  for them always 

    and  the strength to keep on supporting them. 

    All of this I pray in the name of Jesus Christ.


    A Prayer for youth:

    O God, we pray and for you

    to guide and protect young people

    from the dangers that are ever present in our world today.

    Be with them, as they experience both sickness and health,

    sorrow and joy,

    loneliness and friendship,

    success and failure.

    Gracious God,

    give to them the courage and strength

    to make the right decisions

    as they journey through life.

    Through the power of the Holy Spirit,

    may they experience your loving care.

    We make this prayer through Christ Our Lord.



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