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As Christians we stand in  all people and especially those who stand on the edges of society. We post prayers and in support of other students, SCMs and Christians around the world.

  1. Students call for better access to higher education for refugees & asylum seekers

    SCM Britain Refugees welcome

    University students and young adults have called for greater access to higher education for refugees and asylum seekers, during an event organised by the Student Christian Movement (SCM Britain). Students came from universities in Birmingham, Worcester and Leeds to hear stories from local asylum seekers, who spoke of the difficult and often drawn out process of settling in Britain, and take part in workshops exploring the current refugees situation.

    “Refugees and asylum seekers have come from dangerous places, often fleeing war and poverty, with many young people among them hoping to go to university,” said Ruth Wilde, SCM’s Faith in Action worker who organised the event.

    “SCM’s campaign, in partnership with Student Action for Refugees, is asking our universities and political leaders to extend compassion to these people by making it easier for them to access loans or grants and attend a university course that could change their lives,” she added.

    The Equal Access campaign

    SCM is part of a coalition of different organisations involved in the ‘Equal Access’ campaign, led by Student Action for Refugees (STAR). At present, refugees and asylum seekers looking to enrol on a university course cannot access loans or grants to cover some of these costs. They are required to pay the same tuition fees as international students, which make it nearly impossible for any refugee to attend a university and further their education.

    At the event on Saturday 13 February, students heard from Shari Brown, who is a project coordinator at Restore, a Birmingham-based charity. Shari spoke of the need for Christian communities to challenge the misinformation surrounding refugees and present positive stories to society through the media. “We need to find allies in the media to push these positive stories and change the messaging around refugees,” she said.

    Students also heard from two local asylum seekers, who live in Birmingham and are involved in the local community through St Chad’s Sanctuary and a community hospitality house. “We don’t leave our homes to claim benefits,” one refugee said. “We leave because it’s dangerous. We just want to rebuild our lives.”

    Fr Martin Newell, who helps to coordinate the Catholic Worker community house project in Birmingham, added that Christians and churches are slowly reviving the “lost Christian virtue of hospitality”, and students can help build a more welcoming place for refugees in their communities.

    The Importance of Higher Education

    In February the University of Edinburgh announced plans to offer fully funded scholarships to five asylum-seeking students beginning in 2016, with a ‘significant reduction in costs’ in tuition fees for other students seeking asylum. Students at the campaign event in Birmingham said this was an encouraging step and offered other ways of taking action to welcome refugees and asylum seekers into the country.

    “Education is probably the most important factor in informing people about the world,” said Mark Birkett, a first-year student at the University of Birmingham and member of MethSoc, the SCM-affiliated Methodist group there. “Education is the pathway to improvement – the people attending university today will be influencing society and helping to run the country in the future. So if we can get people informed at university level, then we have hope for the future. Getting more refugees to attend university would be brilliant.”

    During the afternoon workshop, Revd Keith Hebden led participants in theological reflection, allowing students to reflect on the current refugee crisis and discuss small practical actions to take with them to their student groups.


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  2. Appeal from Hong Kong: Free Li Bo Now!

    SCM HK: Free Lee Boo!



    Dear SCMers,

    SCM Hong Kong is calling for your help. 5 book sellers from Hong Kong went missing. They are believed to be abducted by the Chinese Government.

    They all work for the same bookstore, Causway Bay Bookstore, and they went missing one by one over the span of a few months.

    Although the latest case Li Bo wrote home recently, it is very likely that he is forced to do so under threat. The fact is that he hasn’t show up till now.

    It is said that these book sellers are abducted by Chinese Police because they are about to publish a book on President Xi Jin Ping’s private life. Let me put it very clearly that Chinese police has no role whatsoever in Hong Kong. Chinese laws are not applicable in Hong Kong as the legal system is different and we enjoy freedom of press as guaranteed by the Basic Law.

    Please share the attached news below with your national SCM. You can also find video in different languages at the bottom of this email.

    Q: How can I help?

    Prayers, of course. And more. We need you to go to the Chinese Embassy in your region and give them pressure to release the 5 missing book sellers. You can organize a protest, send press release, make it to the newspaper then send us that piece of news.

    Q: Why would that help? Shouldn’t the police in Hong Kong be investigating?

    The Hong Kong police has very limited power in cases concerning China since China is our sovereign country. In this case since it is very sensitive and political, the local police dare not to point it to the Chinese Government.

    The good news is, judging from the circumstances,  it is only the conduct of some over-ambitious front line officials. If the Chinese Government perceive this as an embarrassment  within the international community, it is very likely
    these booksellers will be released (unlike some real threats such as Liu Xiao Bo).

    Thank you for your help.

    Best regards

    SCM HKJason Lai 
    ExCo Member, SCMHK
    Vice Convenor,  Civil Human Rights Group


    More information:

    Videos made by SCMHK in different languages, explaining the situation

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  3. Statement on Refugee Crisis

    “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.” Matthew 25:35-36

    In light of the on-going refugee crisis in Europe, we call on WSCF-Europe SCMs to show their solidarity with refugees reaching Europe and join us in prayers for those who have lost their lives on their way to Europe and those still fleeing war and persecution at home. We, as the faith-based organization, cannot stay silent when observing refugees’ and migrants’ death, their suffering and desperate walks to survive.

    We are joining other ecumenical organizations committed to peace and justice in call on political leaders and those in power to protect the vulnerable, through respecting the core human rights and dignity of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in line with relevant international conventions.

    WSCF-Europe calls on European Union and its member states to agree on more humanitarian migration policies, that ensures proper reception conditions and safe passages to Europe. This will prevent people turning to smugglers or appear in hands of traffickers.

    As the problem cannot be solved if we do not address the drivers of the forced migration, we call on international community to act for sustainable peace-building and agree on coordinated strategy against Islamic State and other extremist actors causing death and forcing people to migrate against their will.

    One of the biggest challenges in relation to the process is the rapid rise of xenophobia all over Europe. Since misconception fuels xenophobia, the happenings should be referred as a refugee crisis as it is and not as a migrant crisis. Another false perception that stimulates xenophobia is about Islam that it endangers Christian civilization and values. Therefore, proper definitions, knowledge and responsible media reporting are as vital as it forms people’s perception on on-going processes. WSCF SCMs should intensify its work on ground to raise awareness, inform and educate young people and local communities on the crisis and engage them in an open and meaningful dialogue to counter xenophobia and violence towards refugees.

    WSCF-Europe acknowledging its role in ending negative stereotyping of refugees and migrants, people that come from different cultural, social or religious backgrounds, through its educational and informational projects on the local and regional levels. To dismiss stereotypes is a long process, but it has to be done before it is too late. On this basis, the federation should use its unique potential to make a difference by working together to change existing migration narrative to something positive.

    Staying loyal to our humanist traditions and show empathy and compassion is desperately needed for our sisters and brothers reaching Europe’s shores and leaving behind homes and loved ones. Our history teaches us that closing borders, building walls to keep refugees out and leaving people behind a fence is simply not working. We need and must continue campaigning for peace and justice.

    As the ecumenical student organization we invite other youth organizations in Europe to join us in prayer and solidarity with people in need of protection, as well as to act and advocate together to promote peace between the communities. We all have to encourage each other to see individual personalities behind refugees, not a crowd.

    We, as peace-loving community, are considering it as our battle to fight for peace, dignity, justice, non-violence, compassion and love.

    Please share and distribute this Statement in your communities.
    We also invite you to pray with us.




    This solidarity statement was produced by WSCF-E Advocacy and Solidarity team:

    KristaKrista AutioGlobal Networking Coordinator


    YuliaYulia Bajelidze
    , Global Advocacy and Solidarity Committee member




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  4. Prayer during refugee crisis

    Refugee crisis 3

    Almighty and Merciful God,

    We call you for help. Hear our prayer.

    God of Compassion, whose own Son became a refugee and had no place to call His own, remember those fleeing from danger, hungry, homeless and afraid. God, we ask for them a shelter, food, warmth and peace.

    Hear our prayer.

    God of Hope, thank you for all those  homes and hearts, opening for the displaced. Preserve us from indifference and selfishness. Help us show Your Grace to our neighbours. Help us see each other not as strangers, but as sisters and brothers.

    Hear our prayer.

    God of Justice, guide the nations and leaders of the world toward peace and knowing Your Kingdom. Call people to compassion and generosity towards those in need.

    God, help us bring justice and peace, glimpses of Your Kingdom into this world to make a difference.

    In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord,





    This solidarity statement was produced by WSCF-E Advocacy and Solidarity team:

    KristaKrista AutioGlobal Networking Coordinator


    YuliaYulia Bajelidze
    , Global Advocacy and Solidarity Committee member




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  5. Call for prayer – Bagdhad, Beirut & Paris

    Our Lord, Jesus Christ
    You’re the source of life and peace
    You’re almighty and merciful
    Give us the power to love and be compassionate in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Baghdad, Beirut and Paris
    Bring comfort for all, who lost their loved-ones
    Bring comfort for all, who are now in fear or injured
    Help us to be the light in the darkness, since light is the only one to defeat darkness.
    Help us to be the love that defeat hate, since love is the only one to defeat hate.
    You are the God of love and mercy
    Guide us to end division in the world and create equality and peace
    Guide us to give an option for extremism, terrorism and war, an option of peace, reconciliation and hope
    Help us to bring the cycle of violence into an end
    Help us to welcome our brothers and sisters instead of seeing them us others, strangers
    Help us to understand each other, listen and pray for each other
    Show us the way to live your kingdom already on Earth, kingdom of justice and peace.
    God, hear our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ

    WSCF-Europe calls you to unite together in prayer with us. Christians and our friends of other faiths and none, all people of good will. Take a moment, 5 mins, over the coming days, and let us be all united in prayerful moment for those who suffer and also for those who  caused suffering to all the humanity around the world.

    – WSCF-Europe


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  6. Statement for justice for the Lumad communities in the Philippines

    This statement is written by the League of Filipino Students (LFS).


    Please share our statements regarding the ongoing #Manilakbayan2015 to call for #STOPKILLINGLUMADS, and in calling for justice to Lumad communities’ as they call to end the killings and the immediate pull-out of the military and its state-sponsored, military-backed paramilitaries who are rampaging and terrorizing  their schools and communities.

    We denounce the continuing harassment of military and police to the Lumads, the Manilakbayan contingent and their supporters even as they camp-out and sought refuge inside the University of the Philippines. From Oct 26 when the Lumads arrived Manila and day after day, the military and police were caught spying and illegally entering the university premises.

    Photos of the Kampuhan in Manila (now at the UP Diliman campus) are daily updated through FB page and websites of Anakbayan, LFS and other progressive groups supporting the campaign.





    Links for more info:
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  7. Appeal from SCM Nepal

    AP regionDear SCMers,

    Greetings from the SCM Nepal!

    I am writing this letter to share and update  the present situation of Nepal with you all, as the International media is not covering the plight of  people in Nepal. Of course Nepal got it’s international attention when the country was hit by the most catastrophic earth quake in April this year. The ordinary people suffered the most when the whole country was devastated by the earth quake. Gradually people gathered strength to start rebuilding their lives.

    Recently Nepal was again in the international  media briefly when the country adopted a new constitution and   elected the first female president. Amidst this joyous celebrations, you all might have watched some news on violence erupted after the new constitution was adopted. Some section of the country’s population opposed the new constitution and gradually the adverse reactions towards the constitution  has divided the people over various concerns. The minority communities in Nepal  are not happy with the  new provincial seven boundaries, and  the biased policy towards women which restricts them from marrying a non Nepali man, as her children will not be accepted as a citizen of Nepal. They are concerned that these new laws will marginalized their political presence in the country.  Many groups came to the street to protest against the newly adopted constitution. On the other hand, there are other section of people including the youth who welcomed the new constitution.

    Since then Nepal is witnessing ethnic violence and the country is becoming more divisive after the new constitution was adopted. Today Nepal is battling one of its worst fuel shortages in decades as its border with India — from where the country imports all of its fuel — remains allegedly blocked, keeping off essential supplies too. The crisis is the result of the fallout of the country’s new constitution, as mentioned above.  It is reported that India has a role of  blocking the border with its northern neighbor, though the Indian officials have denied this charges.

    The ordinary people have been facing a  hard time for more than a month due to shortage of fuel, especially petrol and diesel, in the country. There have been long queues of vehicles, motorcycle, cars, taxis, buses and trucks at the limited petrol pumps, especially those run by the army, police and Sajha Cooperatives, which have been distributing fuel. One can easily understand how agonizing it is to have to line up for hours even to purchase a necessary commodity that must be easily available. And this is not the first time that the people are suffering of the ‘unpredictable’ crisis. They have to suffer and face this problem  every two or three months for the  same problem  for which they are not responsible.

    The people of Nepal are becoming restless of not getting supplies/ food, fuel and daily commodities due to blockades in the India – Nepal boarder. There is a growing concerns of anti Indian and anti Nepalese sentiments going on in Nepal and India and we are very much concerned abut this. There are already around 40 people killed during the violence since September. We are concerned of the people as many Indian origin people living in Nepal and the Nepalese origin living in India and their lives are at risks.

    Therefore, we, Nepal Student Christian Movement want to appeal to all member of WSCF and SCMs to uphold the people of Nepal and India into your prayers, so the situation will not intensify further.

    We also request our SCM friends in India to initiate dialogue and create safe environment for the Nepalese community living in India, and share our problem with the people of India to bring pressure to the Indian government to find a solution to allow the vehicles to bring the supplies to Nepal

    We request the International community of WSCF to write to the Indian consulates/ embassies in your countries to bring pressure to the Indian government to release the supplies and intervene to resolve the conflicts between different communities in Nepal.

    As students and youth movement we raise  this concerns and our voices  to bring your attention for necessary actions.


    Links for more news:


    Link 1. CNN News

    Link 2. Google News

    Link 3. Al Jazeera


    Thank you for your support.


    Rajesh Rai


    Nepal Student Christian Movement



    Download a PDF version of the appeal to print and share in your SCM.

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  8. Call for prayers: Support Latin America & Carribean regions’ request to Colombian President to stop the War in Colombia

    A letter to SCMs:
    Dear SCMers, Friends and Colleagues,
    In attachment you may find the  Letter from DIPAZ requesting to Colombian President and Peaces Dialoguers to stop the War in Colombia.
    This letter come as an answer after the violence escalade latest happenings, with show that the Peace dialogues in Havana are in a critical situation. And with a lot of forces trying destabilize the peace process.
    DIPAZ (Inter Eclesial Peace Dialogue) is composed by ecumenicals organizations, agencies and churches in Colombia and International and regional fraternal organizations. WSCF LAC is also part of DIPAZ as a commitment after our General Assembly.
    Please Share the letter with SCMer and pray for Colombians and peace.


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  9. Pray with us for ESG (SCM Germany) ahead of the Kirchentag


    Dear god,

    Thank you for ESG. Thank you that they are able to run there kirchentag!

    we pray that they will be able to run a good event

    and that all there planning and hard work pays off 

    we pray that there community will be strengthened

    and that they feel your presence there

    we pray for all that attend  that they travel safely

    and that you hold them in your hands.


    for information about the event check out their website!



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  10. Nepal Earthquake Relief: An Appeal from SCM Nepal & WSCF AP 


    Nepal needs our help:

    The World Student Christian Federation(WSCF) joins the people of Nepal in grieving the death and destruction brought by the massive earthquake. At this time of national crisis the people of Nepal need our prayers, solidarity, support and comfort. We managed to established contacts with our members in SCM Nepal and happy to know that the members who live in Kathmandu are safe though their houses are destroyed in the killer quake. Rajesh Rai, SCM Nepal Coordinator informed us that the situation is getting worse, as the casualties increasing rapidly and there is not enough relief materials for people. They urgently need, food, water and temporary shelters. Rajesh has requested to pray for the people of Nepal and provide support including financial support to arrange basic commodities for people in the community. Therefore we seek your prayers, solidarity and support for the people of Nepal. Please send your financial support to SCM Nepal to arrange immediate relief materials for the earthquake victims.

    The AP region will arrange to send all the received donation for the earthquake relief to SCM Nepal. Therefore kindly transfer all your support to the given bank details below: Bank transfer:

    Bank Name: Hang Seng Bank Ltd.
    Bank Address: Mongkok Branch, 677 Nathan Road
    Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    Swift code: HASE HKHH
    Beneficiary Name: World Student Christian Federation Asia-Pacific Region
    Bank Account No: 283-7-716485
    By cheque:
    Make checks payable to:
    World Student Christian Federation — Asia Pacific Region. Unit 1-2, 18/F, Commercial Building, 280 Portland Street, Mongkok, Hong Kong
    By Credit Card (via PayPal): Please open the attached file to pay via PayPal

    It is our responsibility to pray, act with compassion for the people of Nepal at this difficult time the whole nation is going through.

    Comfort, comfort my people, says your God”.( Isaiah 40:1) Let’s join together to pray for Nepal…

    God of all comfort, We uphold the people of Nepal, Bangladesh and Northern India in our prayers who are the victims of the massive devastating earthquake. More than 5,000 people are dead in Nepal and the death toll keeps rising. Although no words can really help to ease the loss and pain, the people of Nepal bear, we pray to you God to comfort the bereaved families who lost their loved ones. We pray for the survivors especially children and elderly to recover from the injuries and trauma. We pray for the rescue workers, doctors, volunteers who have been serving relentlessly, strengthen and empower them so that they will continue their work saving many more lives. We seek your intervention to work in the hearts and minds of the leaders of the world to respond to the desperate situation in Nepal with their supports. May you give the much needed strength, hope and comfort to the people of Nepal to rebuild their houses and their lives Amen

    Rajesh Rai National Coordinator – SCM Nepal

    Immanuel Kitnan, Sunita Suna – Chairperson – WSCF- AP

    Sunita Suna Regional Secretary – WSCF-AP

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