Past Events

If you are interested in attending a WSCF Europe event – here is some information about events in the past. On the interactive map below you can follow the history of our events from 2005 and until today. If you have knowledge about some events pre-2005, please write about this to .


Let’s talk about sexuality: The Explosive Power of Taboo Subjects”, (Gender study Session), Budapest, Hungary, May 2016

“Religion/s and Politics: How is Multicuturalism Possible?”, (Theology Conference), Litomysl, Czech Republic, October 2015

“Bridging our differences. Learning skills of intercultural dialogue together!”, (Culture and Higher Education Conference), Wroclaw, Poland, March/April 2014

Invisible Slavery: Human Trafficking in Europe“, (Solidarity Conference), St.Gilgen, Austria, October 2013

Who is my Neighbour?“, (Solidarity Conference), Velletri, Italy, October/November 2012

Guilty or Not Guilty“, (Theology Conference), Bratislava, Slovakia, March/April 2012

Communicating Gender: Identities in a Globalised Europe“, (Gender Conference and European Regional Assembly), Logumkloster, Denmark, October 2011

Living in a World of Technology – The changes in social behaviour” (Culture and Higher Education Conference), Finland, March/April 2011

Climate Justice Now!” (Solidarity Joint EYCE Study Session), Strasbourg, France, October 2010

Religion, Ethics and Politics: God and the use of Power” (Theology Conference), Berlin, Germany, April 2010

Gender, Religion and Society” (Gender Conference and WSCF-E Regional Assembly), Sambata de Sus, Romania, October 2009

Europe, Art and Spirituality: Building up an Intercultural Identity” (Culture and Higher Education Conference), Tulln, Austria, April/May 2009

Living Our Faith in a Multicultural Society: Developing Intercultural Dialogue as a Lifestyle” (Theology Conference), Castleton, United Kingdom , November 2008

A Just Life or Just Life?: Intercultural Dialogue on Alternative Globalisation” (Solidarity Conference), Gödöllö, Hungary, April 2008

Religion-Source of Peace or Violence” (Culture and Higher Education Conference and European Regional Assembly), Paris, France, October 2007

If I were a migrant: Youth perspectives on migration and the integration of young migrants in societies” (Solidarity Conference), Sassone, Italy, May 2007

Religion and Society in Europe: Partners or Competitors?” (Theology Conference), Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2006

I was a stranger and you invited me in: Homelessness and Poverty Housing in Europe Today” (Solidarity Conference), Cluj-Napoca, Romania,May 2006

Higher Education in Europe: Universities as Service Stations or Laboratories of Universal Questions?” (Culture and Higher Education Conference and European Regional Assembly), Feketić, Serbia & Montenegro, September 2005

Respecting Human Dignity and Integrity: Gender and Theological Perspectives on Human Rights” (Gender Conference),
Vilnius, Lithuania, April 2005

Young People as Agents of Muslim-Christian Inter-cultural and Inter-religious Dialogue” (InterReligious Confernece), Naersnes, Norway, October 2004

Staff and Officers Meetings

Staff and Officers Meeting, Oslo, Norway, March 2016

Staff and Officers Meeting, Spain, Madrid, February 2015

Staff and Officers Meeting , Skopje, Macedonia, February 2014

Staff and Officers’ Meeting, Vienna, Austria, February 2013

Staff and Officers’ Meeting, Bremen, Germany, February 2012

Staff and Officers’ Meeting, Swanwick, United Kingdom, February 2011

Staff and Officers’ Meeting, Lund, Sweden March 2010

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