1. WSCF Global Staff & Officers Meeting in August 2015

    WSCF Global Staff and Officers’ Meeting will be held in August 3-9, 2015 in Birmingham, UK. The meeting will be hosted by SCM Britain and is financially supported by the Karibu Foundation  and the Waldesian Church. The six Regional Secretaries from all regions – Marcelo Leites (LAC), Luciano Kovacs (NA), Sunita Suna (AP), Amos Mushendwa (Africa), Elsy Wakil (ME), and Natia Tsintsadze (E), along with WSCF Officers, Bronwyn Claire (Treausurer, AP), Immanuel Kitnan (Vice Chair, AP), Georgine Djeutane (Acting Chairperson) will be present at the Meeting. They will be joined by some members of the Transition Team, among others, Acting Chairperson Georgine Kengne Djeutane, Interim Staff Coordinator Necta Montes, WSCF Cennential Fund Representative Salters Sterling, and Student Representative Pretty  Mubaiwa.

    6 RSs

    This year the meeting has rather different format (Strategic Workshop) than previous times and this is due to a special transition period of the Federation and the ongoing process of changes. The meeting will be facilitated by Udan Fernando, who has been inited to assist in Strategic Planning, Operations and Management.

    Click here to see the Concept Note and the Workflow for the Staff and Officers’ Strategic Workshop.

    If you have any suggestions regarding the preparations for the Global S&O Meeting, please write to European Regional Secretary on .


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  2. 120 WSCF anniversary

    This August marks 120 years of WSCF. The anniversary will be celebrated as a Liturgical Celebration during the Global Staff and Officers meeting in Birmingham on Friday, August 7, 2015. The theme will be dedicated to the renewal of commitment and revisiting the past. The Liturgy will be sent out to all our movements as a reminder of this important date and significance of the anniversary.

    More activities related to the anniversary will be organised during August 17-19, the dates when the Federation was established. The actions will take place during this summer’s Agape camp in Italy, where most of the WSCF staff and representatives of the SCMs from all regions will be present. Are Kaspersen from SCM Sweden will there as a representative of his SCM and WSCF Europe region.

    For more details, read SCM Britain’s website or follow our Facebook page.

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  3. Religion & Politics conference in Czech Republic!


    Dear participant,

    This website section is for participants of the WSCF-E and EUJS joint conference “Religion and Politics: Democracy and Moral Values in Multicultural Europe Today”.

    Here you will find all the necessary information for your participation in the conference.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on !



    Please read the ‘Travel instructions’ carefully and follow the instructions indicated to reach the venue without problems.

    Check if the current information is up to date and if there might be any changes. You are responsible for your own travels.

    We look forward to meeting you and spending 5 interesting conference days with you.

    Best wishes! See you on Saturday, 17 October 2015!

    – The Preparatory Committee


    *** *** *** *** ***


    What is this conference about?

    In many European countries policies are being discussed which if put into law will affect people’s religious and cultural practices. These controversial subjects represent wider moral debates and should therefore only be discussed on a basis of mutual respect. Examples of such contentious issues are: school prayers, ritual slaughter, sex education in public schools, abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage and religious symbols in public institutions.

    How does religion fit in a changing secular and multicultural Europe and what are the limits of freedom of religion?

    During a five-day programme of workshops, lectures, and small group discussions we will build a platform upon which to discuss these controversial topics.

    What? A joint conference on religion and politics in Europe run by WSCF-E and EUJS.
    When? 17th* – 23rd October 2015.
    WhereLitomysl, Czech Republic, YMCA Europe Training Centre, Litomysl
    Why? To have fruitful encounters of opinions, create mutual respect and understanding.
    How? Apply through this form by September 10, 2015.

    Participation fee: 120€  (If you have any difficulty funding your attendance, please contact us at:

    The organizers will do their best to accommodate all religious/spiritual requirements communicated by participants in advance.

    We do not know whether, if we enjoyed perfect understanding, we would discover uniquely correct resolutions to problems of incompatible [moral] values […] But we should be able to recognize that all of us lack that kind of understanding at present.

    – Gutmann & Thompson (1996) in Democracy and Disagreement

    * Arrival date will be the 17th of October, the actual program starts the 18th. For participants who observe shabbat, a shabbat program will be available from the 16th.

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  4. Conference report: “Bridging our differences. Learning skills of intercultural dialogue together!”

    Confrence Photo


    In our increasingly diverse societies it is now more common than ever to meet and work with people who are different from us, in culture, religion or social worldview. Sometimes it can be difficult to get into contact and dialogue with somebody that differs from us. At other times, we might think we are open to others, but at the same time we may lack certain communication skills for being sensitive in encounters with different cultures or religions.

    Students from all over Europe came to Wroclaw, Poland to learn about how best to communicate with others and to equip themselves with the knowledge to engage in others in intercultural dialogue.  It was a week full of lectures, workshops, role-plays and discussions. People from different faiths to help one another and about how in their differences they could be strong. The conference was a stronghold for the message we wish to spread from the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) General Assembly “We are many, we are one. Sent to build Gods peace”.

    Read full report here.

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  5. Call for the preparatory committee members

    We are searching for volunteers for conference preparation team members! for our conference“Life choices“. 

    Is your faith important to you?
    Is your love life?
    Are the two mutually exclusive or somehow in conflict?
    Do you ever talk about one in the context of the other?
    Do you feel able to do so freely?

    In recent times the majority of us as young Christians have enjoyed unprecedented freedom when it comes to making decisions about our private lives and futures, the church having lost much of its previously unchallenged authority in dictating how we should act. In the absence of a unified and consistent voice on such matters, however, many feel insecure in their actions and unguided by the church in this aspect of their lives.

    Opinions have become polarised and although these themes hold questions that are essential for most young people, both open conversation and exchange of ideas in a diverse community are rare, the topics pushed into the space of private reflection. Especially the topic of sexuality is often stigmatised and is only addressed in close circles of friends, in which convictions are rarely challenged. This is dangerous for us in general and as individual Christians, promoting feelings of passivity and an unquestioned acceptance of established social norms and gender roles.

    All of these topics need an open conversation among young people today. WSCF-e plans to hold a conference in October to provide such an opportunity, to explore the issues which are so vital in young people’s lives yet so often go undiscussed. This safe space will allow an extensive examination of the topic, from the analysis of church doctrine to the sharing of personal experience.

    If you feel strongly about promoting this vital discussion amongst young people, then apply to be on our prep com and help us do just that

    We are looking for you to help us organize a conference about life relationships and identity, which will take place from the 6th to the 12th October in Norway!

    You can

    • become part of a team that, from May till October 2014, will prepare the conference
    •  take on a big responsibility with other volunteers and help this event be a success
    • challenge yourself, develop new skills in public relations work, time management and team work and realize your potential
    • contribute your own knowledge, experience and talents
    • connect with other Christian students, gain experience working in an international team and have a fun time together

    Preparations will include two in-person meetings of the volunteer leadership team in Poland. The dates of the first in-person meeting is 6th to the 8th June but the location is yet to be decided

    If you would like to get a taste of how it is to be in a Preparatory Committee, read this reflection by Annika Foltin (who was a prepcom member of “Who is my Neighbour” conference in Autumn 2012).

    To apply to become a volunteer, please fill in the  Application Form and send it to our . The applications deadline is Monday 28th April. 

    We look forward to hearing from you and to create our team!

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  6. A Quick Re-cap On The Staff And Officers Meeting In Skopje, Macedonia 2014.





    Last week the 2014 WSCF-E staff and officers meeting was held in Skojope, Macedonia. This a meeting held once a year to allow dialogue between the WSCFE-E regional offices and National SCMs.  This year there was participants from 10 different countries. Further to the campaign to keep you more informed about WSCF-E Regional Office here a is a quick re-cap of what happened whilst we were there.

    WSCF-E events are all about meeting people from different countries joining together in Christ .  So each day started and ended  with Worship provided by one of the Participants,  through this we were allowed to enjoy speaking the lords prayer in many different languages, to sing Taize chants and to use lithologies from many different denominations.

    Each day was filled with Workshops around topics important to WSCF-E, workshops included: An Introduction To WSCF-E 2014 campaign Against Xenophobia (reaching out to Asylum seekers)  Discussion around how to improve WSCF-E online presences (You want us to talk more)  A talk about the General Assembly of WSCF-E  (This is where all of WSCF Regions meet to make huge decisions about the future of WSCF ) and a Full day of workshops around fundraising. We had a Workshop from SCM Britain about their fundraising techniques ( Diversification is key). A workshop from a fundraising ( fundraising is all about imagination and creating trust relationships) and we were also luck enough to have our friend “Salters”come to talk about fundraising from our senior friends  ( Past members of SCMs and WSCF-E) and how best to do it.

    Woven our time at the meeting we also got to experience Macedonia through our guide Pavlina Manavska who is a member of the local Youth group at her Methodist church. She Showed us the Many sites Skjope and she Pointed out the Best Bars and Cafes.

    The event left all our staff officers feeling informed and motivated  about the current status of WSCF-E and how to improve it.

    I hope you enjoyed this Re-cap , God bless



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  7. Invisible Slavery: Human Trafficking In Europe

    Around twenty participants from all around Europe gathered in St.Gilgen, Austria from 6 to 12 October 2013 to discuss the sensitive topic of human trafficking in Europe. 

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  8. Networking event in Berlin

    Come and see” (Jn 1,39)

    The meeting of Students Christian Movements of Western Europe, was amazing!  All of you who participated in the networking event for SCMers from Western Europe, thanks a lot for making this meeting really exciting and refreshing! Check the pictures!

    (Thanks Artturi Hirvonen for taking them!)

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  9. Lingua Franca Summer Camp 2013

    Lingua Franca Summer Camp 2013, which was held in Miclăușeni, Romania from 20th to 30th of July under the title “Encountering the Other – Community-building and ecumenical leadership training in Central and Eastern Europe” was amazing! Thank you all who has been there and helped to create the fantastic community we all shared. If you would like to see how noce time we had, see here.


    The camp has gathered young Christians from Central and Eastern Europe in a wonderful community of people of different cultures and backgrounds. The summer camp addressed the topic of openness to people, who are different from us, the value of diversity but also xenophobia and social exclusion.

    More pictures and information coming soon! Do not forget to check the call for applications for the Lingua Franca coordinator for 2014!

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  10. Staff & Officers Meeting 2013 Report

    Board and staff members of Student Christian Movements and WSCF Europe met from 21 to 24 February in Vienna for the annual Staff and Officers meeting. Hosted by the Austrian SCM (EHG) in their premises in the impressive Albert Schweitzer Haus, around 20 participants from Finland, Poland, Denmark, Armenia, Georgia, Austria, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Germany gathered. A broad variety of denominations were presented: Methodist, Catholic, Orthodox and Lutheran.

    The hospitality of our Austrian hosts made a big difference for our common experience of community and togetherness. We had two very dedicated volunteers cooking our meals for lunch and dinner, which, without an exception, were all very, very good. Further, we had strong organisational support from a very efficient host committee as well as from the local SCM pastor, Gerda Pfandl. Looking back we are very grateful for all the generosity and open-heartedness we enjoyed, which contributed a lot to making the meeting for everyone involved a very rich experience.

    Regarding our programme we had four days were full of discussions and sharing experiences. The work began on Friday with the session on SCM Reporting. All participants shared with the others how is it going with their SCM and what they have been doing in the last year. We were amazed by the amount of work SCMs are doing and also by the variety of their activities!

    The plenary session was really fruitful for everyone. Participants learned more about other SCMs and were inspired for their own work. A proof how enthusiastic the participants were on this discussion was that it lasted for 2 scheduled sessions. We are really grateful for these conversations! It was so good to see how much work our member movements are doing.

    On Friday afternoon we visited a liberal Jewish community in Vienna. There we learned a lot about history of Judaism in Austria and about the life of the community, as well as about the specific context of liberal Judaism. The biggest surprise and the most exciting moment of the visit was when our guide took out the Holy Scripture scroll for everyone to see and presented the Tora explicitly. We could feel the mystery.

    Saturday started out with a very special highlight, namely a morning prayer led by the Lutheran bishop of Austria, Dr. Michael Bünker, who then also joined us for our first workshop session and who was very interested and committed to get to know our group and our views. During the prayer he lead, Dr. Bünker found some profound words about the value of the witness of Christians in social contexts in which inclusive communities are more and more rare.

    Our sessions on that day were also full of interesting and fruitful thoughts and discussions. It was really good to have the session on SCMs in crisis, since the majority of SCMs suffer from similar problems. Fundraising and attracting new people proved to be the biggest challenges for most of the movements. The participants were divided into working groups to discuss different challenges in more detail. Some nice ideas grew from this group work, one to mention is a concept of short videos promoting SCMs using personal stories of their active members.

    On Saturday there was also the session on WSCF European Regional Assembly, which is going to be in October this year, and the SCM input and support for preparations for it. Participants were really interested in how WSCF structures work. Moreover, some SCMs expressed their wish to become affiliated members!

    Another session full of food for thought was dealing with question ”What does it mean to be a Christian student today?” The topic inspired the participants to discuss a lot. Of course there is not only one single answer to this question. However, it is good to think about core questions like this to keep our minds fresh and our awareness of our common values as well as the diversity of our perspectives alive. In the evening, after the Orthodox worship, we had also an interesting short session about the meaning of icons in the tradition of Orthodox worship. We had an opportunity to learn more about the deepness of Orthodox spirituality.

    On Sunday we were introduced to and updated about the work of WSCF Global and its Advocacy and Solidarity Committee. Since many participants did not have a clear image of the work which is done by WSCF on the global level, it was really useful to have this kind of introductory session. We all are members of a worldwide community of Student Christian movements and because of that it is really good to know what is happening elsewhere, what the successes and the challenges for the global Federation currently are.

    However, the best session of Sunday was on the relationship between WSCF Europe and SCMs. We are aware of the fact that in the last time there was a gap between local and European levels of the Federation so in this regard the session was really important for everyone involved. And it went great! Now the WSCF office is even more aware of the importance of close contact to SCMs. It is good to know that our work is appreciated and to know what we can do better. Even better is that we shared the feeling of being a part of one European-wide family. Thank you all for that!

    You can find a lot of photos from this marvelous meeting here.


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