1. Call for Delegates: WSCF Inter-Regional Leadership Training Program​ on Identity,​ ​D​​iversity,​ ​D​ialogue

    Between 31st October 6th November 2017, the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) will host the Inter-Regional Leadership Training Program (IRLTP) on Identity, Diversity and Dialogue (IDD), which will be held in Bangalore, India.

    WSCF Europe, as a region of WSCF, will be sending delegates to this event. We are, therefore, looking for participants who would be willing to represent WSCF Europe at the event and take part in the training. Please be aware that this invitation applies only to members of SCMs in Europe.

    This year’s training, entitled “We Are Not Outside, We Are Inside”, focuses on building an affirming and inclusive Christian community for justice and peace for people of different sexual orientations and gender identities. A more detailed account of what the focus of the training is, its objectives and methodology, can be found in the project’s concept paper.

    How do I apply?

    To apply, fill-in this registration form by 17th October 2017 (extended), and send it to the WSCF Europe Office () and the WSCF Inter-Regional Office ().

    What are the participation costs?

    Delegates will need to cover a 100 USD registration fee. Apart from that, participants will need to consider travel costs and discuss how much of these costs they would be able to cover with the WSCF Europe Office and the WSCF Inter-Regional Office.

    Will you be WSCF Europe’s delegate?

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  2. A Year with No Hate: Financial support for small projects in your movement

    Every day we are witnessing and facing discrimination and hate speech towards different groups of people or individuals in our communities, on the internet and on a global level. With all the conflicts, war and poverty the fear of the unknown, the fear of the otherness is increasing and extremism and human rights violations take place.

    For our organisation, 2017 is “A Year with No Hate”, as WSCF-Europe joined the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement. Sharing the same vision and the same goals we would like to encourage you to join us and develop a few ideas on how we can help your SCM and support the “Year with No Hate” campaign. We recognise that the reality varies from country to country and that different SCMs have different priorities and needs, yet we believe this is something that is very relevant for everyone, as our common fight is against those who spread the hate and victimize refugees/migrants and other marginalized or disadvantaged groups.

    We would like to inform you that WSCF-Europe is offering a small grant ONLY to the Student Christian Movements for your activity/idea to become reality. The Regional Office would also like to help you plan and organize the event or activity you have in mind, so that it becomes an initiative that we work towards accomplishing together. Your activity or event idea can be something small, but very significant like:

    • a one day workshop;
    • a visit to a minority community;
    • a panel discussion with speakers from the field;
    • any other small project idea .

    All of the proposed activities should be implemented until 20 December 2017. Project programme and financial reports should reach the WSCF-Europe no later than 31 December 2017.

    If you think you idea has what it needs to bring us and your SCM together in the fight against hate speech and discrimination, don’t hesitate to fill in the online application form by  15th October (extended).

    Please note that the financial support is available for SCMs only. If you need any assistance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us at .

    The financial support that WSCF Europe offers to SCMs is possible through the funding received from the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. We are very grateful to our sponsors!

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  3. An invitation for the SCM-Ireland Senior Friends


    Our students from the SCM-Ireland are kindly inviting Senior Friends of the Student Christian Movement in Ireland to an evening of debate, storytelling and, most importantly, memories revival. Consider their invitation below:


    Dear Friend of the Student Christian Movement-Ireland:

    Peace be with you!

    The Student Christian Movement–Ireland (SCM-Ireland) is delighted to be hosting a major World Student Christian Federation–Europe conference next month from 7 – 13 October 2017 in Prosperous, Co. Kildare!

    The coming of this international conference to Ireland is another sign of the rebirth of the Student Christian Movement-Ireland as we continue to build up our network of progressive, Christian students and graduates on the island of Ireland.

    The participants will come from many European countries who will be living and praying together for the week as they discuss the conference’s theme: “(I)migration: Perspectives on Minority Integration in Europe”.

    On the evening of Tuesday, October 10th, the participants will be welcomed to the Irish School of Ecumenics in Trinity College, Dublin for a meal.

    You, as a longtime friend of the movement, are warmly invited to join the conference delegates from all over Europe for a meal and some storytelling remembering past SCM-Ireland events.

    DATE: Tuesday, 10 October 2017

    TIME: 5.45pm – 7.45pm

    LOCATION: Ground Floor, Irish School of Ecumenics,

    Trinity College, Dublin

    Please RSVP to  by 2nd October.   Kindly mention any dietary requirements.

    Please note that car parking is not available at Trinity College, Dublin.

    Kindest regards,



    If you are a SCM Ireland Senior Friend, we would very much love to have you there! Join us for a special evening!

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  4. Diversity & Integration Photo Competition


    5th November 2017 (extended)

    Open to: 

    All interested young people, coming from all over Europe, with passion for photography and willing to share their stories of diversity and integration.


    First prize: €150 

    Second prize: €100

    Third prize: €50



    The Photo Competition is part of the WSCF-Europe’s Programme on Interfaith Dialogue and Cooperation and aims to contribute to a more inclusive and fairer European society. Our approach is based on promoting equal opportunity, human rights and respect for human dignity, as core principles of every inclusive and diverse society.

    Through this initiative we are looking for photos that can share stories of diversity and integration. The photos can be of individuals, communities, situations or anything that, in your perspective, best captures the spirit of the theme of the competition. We encourage you to share with the world your photo that can tell a thousands words.

    The photo must be your own original work and must not be modified or changed in any way. The person submitting the photo takes responsibility for not infringing privacy of any third party and that she/he has the permission of all persons appearing in the photo to publish the photo.

    The competition jury  will select the best 12 photos, but only the first three, as the winners, will receive the prizes. However, all the 12 selected photos will be exhibited during the WSCF Europe events in 2018 and will be published in the journal and calendar dedicated to the topic of human rights, produced by the Publications Team of the WSCF-Europe.

    The competition jury is composed of amateur and professional photographers, human rights activists and experts in communication. After the selection and communication with the winners, the final results will be available online on the WSCF-Europe website

    All 12 selected photos will also be featured in online and print publications of the World Student Christian Federation Europe region. By submitting the photo(s), the photographer agrees that the photo(s) will be used by the WSCF-Europe for any non-commercial purposes.

    This project is implemented with financial support from the project partner, the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. The project is developed within the WSCF-Europe campaign “A Year with No Hate“. Please also visit the No Hate Speech Movement page.


    • The focus of the competition is Europe, but photos from all over the world are welcomed and accepted.
    • Young students and activists with special interest and passion for photography.
    • Both amateur and professional photographers with their own perspectives and stories on migration, diversity and integration are encouraged to submit their work.


    How to participate:

    Please send your photo(s) to before  5th November 2017 (extended). The photo(s) should be high quality image(s) in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format (preferably at least 3 megapixels). You should expect that, if your photo is selected among the best 12 photos, it will be published as a poster or in a big format. Each participant can submit up to 5 photos.

    Please send your photos with the following name: “YourLastName_PhotoTitle” and with a short description. The short description should include the following information:

    • Your short bio (name, age, nationality, profession and/or study, contact information, etc);
    • City and country where the photo was taken and the date when it was taken;
    • The title of the photo (maximum 10 words);
    • Description on the photo (who or what is in the photograph; what it represents; any information or story you relate the photo to);
    • Any comment from the photographer.


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  5. Call for applications: WSCF-E conference in Ireland

    Is it possible for non-Europeans to integrate in Europe in such large numbers?
    Is “our” security more important than “their” security?
    Do migrants bring anything positive to society?

    The WSCF-E is hosting a safe space for dialogue about these questions and more.

    If you would like to be part of this dialogue, join us between 7-13 October 2017 in Kildare, Ireland for “(I)migrant: perspectives of minority integration in Europe”.

    Young people from all over Europe will be gathering to sing, eat, pray and talk deeply about integration and community building.

    During the programme, you will have the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops, lectures and small group discussions. This is aimed at creating mutual respect and enhancing understanding of topics such as: building and sustaining diverse communities, and how we can shape our future together

    For details, you can read the Aims and Objectives, and we particularly encourage you to apply if:

    • you are a part of a WSCF-Europe Student Christian Movement, or
    • you have first-hand experience of migration, or
    • you work/volunteer supporting migrants, refugees or asylum seekers.

    You can apply here. The deadline is July 30 (extended). This conference will be in English.

    The participation fee is 170 €. For financial subsidy, see here for details. If you find difficult to pay the minimum participation fee, and you are migrant, refugee or asylum seeker, please contact .

    We are grateful to the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and our Senior Friends for funding this conference.

    What? “(I)migrant: perspectives of minority integration in Europe”
    When? 7-13 October 2017
    Where? Prosperous, Kildare County , Ireland

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  6. European Regional Assembly 2017 info page

    European Regional Assembly

    Ireland, Curryhills

    13-16 October 2017


    For your action

    1. Apply to be a delegate to represent your SCM by 31st August 2017 (extended) – application form 
    2. Apply to be the ERC member for 2017-2019 – by 1 October 2017application form
    3. Submit your suggested changes to the By Laws of WSCF-E by filling in this form by 1st August


    The ERA is an opportunity to discuss any changes to our Europe By-laws – the guiding principles for our governance. In order to increase efficiency and better respond to the current reality, the ERC is proposing following amendments and additions to the By-laws. These will be discussed and voted on at the ERA. We encourage you – SCMers and ERA delegates – to also reflect on the current version of our By-laws.

    For reference:

        1. ERA general overview
        2. ERC roles– currently open roles: Chair, Vice Chair, 2 × Program Coordinators, Regional Networking Coordinator, Global Networking Coordinator and Fundraising Coordinator, Executive Committee Member)
        3. ERA 2017 agenda
        4. By Laws of the WSCF-Europe
        5. WSCF Constitution
        6. Documents from ERA 2015: Minutes & Policy Papers
        7. Testimonials of past ERC members
        8. 2015 and 2016 Annual reports


    WSCF-Europe team is looking forward to seeing you and creating the future for our organisation with your contribution, having spiritual renewal and positive community time in Ireland

    For any comments and thoughts please feel free to contact the Chair, Zuzana Babicova at


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  7. Call for applications: WSCF-E Friends Gathering 2017


    Come to our gathering!

    WSCF-E Friends Gathering will be organised in Agape Ecumenical Center in the Italian Alps, on 14-18 September 2017. The Gathering will differ in format from our conferences: it will be 50%-50% community and intellectual time.

    When? 14-18 September 2017
    Where? Italy, Agape

    How long? 4 days
    Program: As a draft, 1/2 day “intellectual program” and 1/2 day “vacation/relax/community activities”
    Costs: Self-paid travel. Accommodation and food shall cost 40 euro per day (160 euro for 4 days’ stay)
    How can you help? You can become a part of organizing team! Email us at .

    We are looking forward to meeting you in Agape!

    — WSCF-Europe community


    Preliminary programme (Version 14.03.2017)

    Application Form – send by 1st July 2017 (extended)


    Organizing team

    Sofie Eriksen, WSCF-E Chairperson (2011-2013)

    Pawel Pustelnik, WSCF-E journal Mozaik Editor-in-Chief (2011-2013)

    Zuzana Babicova, WSCF-E Chairperson (2013-current)

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  8. 2017 Staff & Officers Meeting

    Description of S&O

    Once a year WSCF-Europe organizes a meeting for Student Christian Movements to gather in one place, to meet with the WSCF Europe staff members, volunteer board members, and SCM representatives from other countries. This meeting is for all of you the opportunity to share the work you’ve been up to over the past year, as well as to learn new skills, make new contacts and to take lots of useful information home with you.

    What are the topics of the Meeting this year?

    In 2017 our work will focus on promoting equal opportunity, human rights and respect for a human dignity as core principles of every inclusive and diverse society. Given the importance and urgency of the current immigration and refugee crisis in Europe, we believe that during this year we should be focused on addressing these issues and the challenges related to them. With this in mind, the WSCF-Europe will dedicate its Staff and Officers’ meeting to the capacity building training for its members on how to plan, engage and run a successful and effective campaign at local, national and European levels. This meeting will set the scene for the rest of the activities throughout the year and aims to empower, motivate and equip the participants to act as multipliers, beneficiaries and even leaders in the forthcoming activities. The course will help the participants to develop necessary competences (skills, knowledge and attitude) to become activists of human rights education and part of a wider No Hate Speech Movement.

    The Meeting will be held on April 1-6 2017 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


    What are the benefits of this year’s edition of Staff and Officers meeting?

    The preparatory group of the meeting and the invited experts will ensure you will:

    – Learn to run a successful campaign in your local community and at European level;
    – Discuss and get practical tools on combating hate speech in Europe today, notably in relation to conflicts, extremism, refugee/immigration crises and gender;
    – Increase your knowledge on Human Rights Education;
    – Join the campaign A Year with No Hate that will be launched right after the training. Together with other participants of the training and with the support from the WSCF-Europe you will plan and run different activities throughout the year;
    – Meet young people working for and with Christian students across Europe, as well as the Regional Office staff;
    – Have fun and enjoy interactive activities.

    Who can attend?

    The meeting is open to the staff and volunteers from the WSCF-Europe member movements (SCMs) in Europe and to young people coming from Council of Europe member states who has interest in the topics of the meeting and is highly motivated to contribute to the training course and implementation of it results.

    If you want to know more about Staff and Officers meeting from last year you can find it here.

    Application details:

    Applications are now closed.

    Financial contribution:

    • the full participation fee is 200 € (covering 5 nights full boarding and other associated costs). The minimum participation fee is 50 €.
    • Travel expenses can be covered by up to 80 % of total costs.

    Financial/reimbursement guide  based on solidarity is outlined in the application form.



    Natia Tsintsadze, Regional Executive

    Jurgita Kozeniauskaite, Links Coordinator

    Pavlina Manavska, Co-Opted Member

    Download S&O 2017 agenda (PDF) – version 24.03.2017

    We are open to your suggestions and ideas regarding the programme of the meeting. Let us know what would you like to discuss with representatives of other SCMs; which specific skills and activities that you would like to learn more about; which topics of spirituality that you are interested in. Your contribution is very important for us. Our Links Coordinator Jurgita Koženiauskaitė ( is awaiting your suggestions.

    The project is financially supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe and the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission

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  9. Call for applications: Study Session “Let’s Talk about Sexuality”


    Ecumenical Youth Council in Europe (EYCE) and World Student Christian Federation – Europe (WSCF-E) invite you to apply for the Study Session

    “Let´s Talk about Sexuality – The Explosive Power of Taboo Subjects”

     that will take place at the European Youth Centre in Budapest, 8-15th May 2016.

    This Study Session will explore the issues related to broadly understood sexuality, providing special space for the Christian understandings of the theme. It will critically address and explore relevant topics and issues from a multi-denominational Christian perspective.

     The study session will address the questions below and many others:

    WHAT is Sexuality? How do we understand the differences between sexual identity, sexual expression and gender/sex?

    WHY do young people need to discover their own identity? How do we analyse the consequences of sexuality being a taboo topic in Europe? How do we detect the mechanisms of discrimination and respond to the need for a safe environment?

    WHAT circumstances are needed for young people to discover their sexual identity? What is needed for a safe environment in which one feels able to express oneself?

    HOW can the society be changed? To know how to create a safe environment a for others to express themselves

    WHAT is the teaching of the Churches in this subject? Are the teachings of the Churches irreconcilable/incompatibile with the equality principles?

    The programme will be based on the approaches and methodologies of non-formal education and will include:

    • Mutual learning across cultures and denominations
    • Practical creative workshops
    • Interaction with guest speakers / experts / practitioners
    • Provision of space for exchanging skills and knowledge, and experience as well as examples of good practice in gender plurality
    • Visits to local NGO´s, which deals with the issue explored at the Session

    Participation fee

     50€ (Euros) including accommodation, meals and programme.

    Travel subsidies

    Travel expenses of the participants will fully covered by the Council of Europe on the condition that participants arrange their journeys in the most economical manner possible. The reimbursement is conditional upon 80% of attendance in the sessions and on basis of providing relevant invoices.


    Obtaining a visa may take several weeks. Please submit your application form as soon as possible and make sure that you know what is required to obtain a visa in your country. Do not apply for a visa before you have been accepted to participate in the study session. Further support in obtaining a visa will be provided.

    Application deadline

    Thursday, 25th of February 2016, midnight CET.

    Please fill in the online application, which can be found here:

    Further information

    Need more information? Feel free to inquire at! More information concerning travel arrangements will be provided for the selected participants.

    International Planning Committee

    Natia Tsintsadze (WSCF-E, Italy)

    Pawel Pustelnik (EYCE, United Kingdom)

    Satu Koikkalainen (EYCE, Finland)

    Pavlina Manavska (WSCF-E, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

    Pawel Cecha (WSCF-E, Poland)

    Jakub Niewiadomski (EYCE, Poland)

    Maria Koutatzi (CoE)

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  10. WSCF Global Staff & Officers Meeting in August 2015

    WSCF Global Staff and Officers’ Meeting will be held in August 3-9, 2015 in Birmingham, UK. The meeting will be hosted by SCM Britain and is financially supported by the Karibu Foundation  and the Waldesian Church. The six Regional Secretaries from all regions – Marcelo Leites (LAC), Luciano Kovacs (NA), Sunita Suna (AP), Amos Mushendwa (Africa), Elsy Wakil (ME), and Natia Tsintsadze (E), along with WSCF Officers, Bronwyn Claire (Treausurer, AP), Immanuel Kitnan (Vice Chair, AP), Georgine Djeutane (Acting Chairperson) will be present at the Meeting. They will be joined by some members of the Transition Team, among others, Acting Chairperson Georgine Kengne Djeutane, Interim Staff Coordinator Necta Montes, WSCF Cennential Fund Representative Salters Sterling, and Student Representative Pretty  Mubaiwa.

    6 RSs

    This year the meeting has rather different format (Strategic Workshop) than previous times and this is due to a special transition period of the Federation and the ongoing process of changes. The meeting will be facilitated by Udan Fernando, who has been inited to assist in Strategic Planning, Operations and Management.

    Click here to see the Concept Note and the Workflow for the Staff and Officers’ Strategic Workshop.

    If you have any suggestions regarding the preparations for the Global S&O Meeting, please write to European Regional Secretary on .


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