1. God Male & Female: What Gendering God Says About What We Believe

    Dear Friends of WSCF-Europe,

    This year WSCF-Europe is exploring gender discourse and the issues pertaining to gendered relationships in our Churches. ‘To what extent does our gendering of God contribute to the issues surrounding these relationships?’ and ‘to what extent does God need to be gendered?’ – are the central questions of our event God Male and Female: What Gendering God Says About What We Believe. These topics will be explored from two perspectives: that of the theologian and that of the pastor. 

    The event aims to raise our awareness of the Bible’s use of different paradigms and archetypes to describe God, and to acknowledge that the Bible does not limit itself to the use of ‘He/Him’ pronoun. Participants will be supplied with a number of leading questions prior to the event and we will examine how the participant’s attitude has changed after the dialogue. 

    God Male and Female will take place on Saturday, July 10th, at 11.00 CEST. If you are interested in this event, either from a theological or pastoral point of view, and are ready to look beyond the normalised use of the ‘He/Him’ pronoun to describe God, please fill-in the application form and join us for what is sure to be a stimulating discussion. Do also be sure to look out for our social media posts on this theme, where there will be a short introductory video – see our Instagram and Facebook for more details. 

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  2. ERA 2021: Save the date!

    We are excited to announce that the planning for our 2021 European Regional Assembly (ERA) has officially started! …and we are even more excited to announce that we now can confirm that it will take place in November 2021, sometime between 4 and 7 November!

    In an all-time first, we are also proud to announce that this will be our very first online ERA! The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt our ways, but we promise to deliver an ERA that is not your usual Zoom call, and that we will go the extra mile to ensure that all delegates and participants get the right balance of formal and informal meetings and have a good number of comfort breaks in-between.

    What is the ERA?

    The European Regional Assembly of WSCF-E is the highest decision-making body of the Region! This is where the new leadership team of WSCF-E will be elected, where thematic and structural priorities for the coming 2 years will be decided upon, and where delegates from all our associated and affiliated movements will be informed in detail on what happened during the past two years. The ERA happens every other year and you can find out more about the previous ERA here.  

    Who can attend?

    Delegates from all WSCF-E affiliated and associated Student Christian Movements will be invited to attend the ERA and we are keen that all our movements are represented and get a chance to have their say and get involved in the running of the organisation. We’ve already reached out to our movements to inform them about the need to choose who will represent them at the next ERA, but a formal call for delegates will also be released shortly. If you are a member of an affiliated or associated SCM and are interested in attending the ERA, please get in touch with your local SCM. If you are part of an SCM leadership/staff group and our email communication on this hasn’t reached you yet, please email Luise at

    What are WSCF-E’s next steps?

    We are currently working on a detailed programme and agenda for the ERA. Details on this will be published in the coming months.

    If you would like to share with us ideas about your own experience with online assemblies, please contact Christiane at . We are happy to learn from each other!

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  3. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: 13th Assembly of the European Christian Environment Network

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  4. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: Study Session ‘Confessing Church today – combating right wing populism as Christians’

    For the last decade, right-wing populism has been gaining visibility all around Europe and the existence and relevance of this can no longer be denied. It is already part of the institutional bodies in many European countries. Our lives are affected by right wing populism, daily discussions about this phenomenon are omnipresent, and literally every topic can be considered as a potential object of populist speculation.

    But do we actually know what we are discussing? Do we actively seek ways to interact with it and take the discussion to a higher level? Does our Christian identity influence our perception and how? Are we ready to challenge right-wing populism?

    Probably not yet, but we, at WSCF-Europe and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, are ready to accept the challenge with you and work on innovative approaches.


    The aim of this Study Session is to empower young Europeans …

    … to understand the idea behind, and the methods used by supporters of, right-wing populism;

    … to interact with this concept from an individual and church perspective;

    … to learn from each other; and

    … to grow to act as multipliers.


    During the training we will …

    … get to know different realities from all across Europe;

    … discover new ways to address this issue;

    … explore the Christian perspective on right wing populism;

    … gain insights from a local organization active in the field;

    … use innovative and informal methods when speaking about difficult topics; and

    … prepare each other for taking the discussion to our individual backgrounds.


    You should apply if …

    … you are eager to gain an understanding of what right-wing populism is;

    … you are keen to work with an international group on ways to challenge yourself;

    … you are ready to share your experience and learn from each other;

    … you are curious about how to make a difference; and

    … you are between 18-35 years old.


    The meeting …

    … is held by WSCF and the Council of Europe Youth Department.

    … will take place in Online***, between 14-18 June 2021.

    … requires from you attendance at least 90% of the sessions.

    To apply, you will need to fill-in the application form available here. The application deadline is 19th May 2021 (extended).

    For any questions please contact .


    ***UPDATE 10/04/2021: Even though we were extremely excited to welcome you all to Budapest, for our Study Session with the support of the Council of Europe, the health and safety of all participants remains our highest priority. Unfortunately, as the situation in Europe – and especially in our host country, Hungary – continues to be worrying at best, we have come to the decision to move the Study Session online. Applications are still open throughout April and we hope you will consider joining us in June. We promise to do our best to recreate the event as we originally imagined it.


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  5. WSCF GA 2020: Call for Stewards

    Dear friends of WSCF,

    As we are hosting the General Assembly (GA) of WSCF in Berlin, in June 2020, we invite you to apply for the Steward Program. 

    What is the General Assembly? 

    The General Assembly of WSCF happens every 4 years, bringing together delegates of 120 movements, coming from 94 countries. In 2020, the General Assembly will gather under the theme “Rejoice in Hope” (Romans 12:12): Young People Journeying Together Towards Justice and Peace”.

    Guided by the theme, the delegates will reflect on the issues and challenges faced by young people in the areas of climate justice, religious extremism, racism, unemployment, building inclusive communities, and will share stories of hope and actions from all over the world. The GA will also discuss the present situation of the Ecumenical Movement and the future of the Federation. Besides this structural work, we will celebrate the 125th anniversary of the federation. The GA will be held in Berlin, Germany, between 4th and 12th June 2020. For more information about the GA, please visit the WSCF website.

    What is the Steward Program?

    The Steward Program gives an opportunity to young members of Student Christian Movements (SCMs) to be part of the GA, see the work behind the scenes, and gain important knowledge and experience in hosting an international, intercultural ecumenical event. A young, dynamic and diverse group of people will come together from 1st to 13th June, in Berlin, to support the organizing committee in all the duties before, during and after the GA. The group will intensively work to overcome prejudices and to create an unique atmosphere of friendship, beyond the boundaries of denomination or nationality. The tasks of the Stewards can include: assisting with local travel, social media, documentation, administration, translating, taking care of guests and delegates, technology, meeting rooms, accompanying excursions, helping with any practicalities. The work will be intense, diverse and probably exhausting – but also an unique experience and the beginning of an ecumenical, intercultural journey. 


    WSCF will be responsible for all costs, such as travel costs, accommodation and boarding. However, financial contributions from the participants or their sending institutions (churches, SCMs etc.) are very welcome.


    The group of Stewards should be a young and vibrant group, so applicants should be between 18 and 30 years old. As the official languages of WSCF are English, French and Spanish, the ideal Steward speaks multiple languages (also other languages are of interest, especially German for local communication). The Steward program is not just an investment in strong individuals, but also in healthy long-lasting relationships for WSCF, so people involved with WSCF or its member movements are prioritized. For this reason, please also send us an endorsement letter from your sending institution, highlighting your contributions to WSCF, in your movement and church, and what qualities you would be bringing to the Steward Program. We are looking for people who are passionate about intercultural exchange, ecumenism, willingness to work with a team ,and learn constantly from and with each other. 

    Applications are accepted until 20th January 2020. To apply, please fill-in this application form and send the endorsement letter from your institution to . Please, also send us the contact details of someone from your SCM Board, in case we need to ask for further information.

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  6. 1 hour Summer Webinar about being on the Board of WSCF-Europe

    1 hour Summer Webinar about being on the board of WSCF-E

    What: Sharing of experience about being on the ERC from Pavlina, Natia, Christiane (current board members)

    When: during three Saturdays in August 17, 24 and 31 August – 11:00 am-12:00 pm CET 

    How: using a free video platform to connect (zoom or other – details to follow)

    If you are interested, please fill in this fast questionnaire – with your – name, email address, country and your movement affiliation and indicating which Saturday you would like to join. 

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  7. Call for Regional Assembly Delegates

    We invite Student Christian Movement representatives from across Europe to apply as delegates for their movements to our next European Regional Assembly, which will take place in October, in Denmark!

    The Regional Assembly of WSCF-Europe (ERA) is the highest decision-making body of the WSCF-Europe. The ERA gathers bi-annually, and consists of all Student Christian member Movements of WSCF-Europe. The tasks of the ERA are the following:

    1. To discuss and vote on the organisational and thematic direction of the region for the upcoming two years;
    2. To elect a new European Regional Committee (ERC), which consists of representatives of the Federation, which come from associated or affiliated
      member movements. The elected ERC serves as the standing committee until the next ERA;
    3. To review and vote upon possible changes of the By Laws, which govern as the constitution of WSCF-Europe;
    4. To renew as a community and to pray together for a common vision.


    When: 3rd-8th October 2019

    Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

    What: 4 days focused on member movements, planning for 2020-2022, the future of the organisation, meeting YMCA Denmark and much more.

    Am I Eligible? Your movement can send 1 staff member and 1-2 delegates. You can apply if you are a member of an associated or affiliated movement of WSCF-Europe. To check if your movement is associated or affiliated to WSCF-Europe, visit our website here. You should be nominated/endorsed by your organisation’s board/committee to represent your movement at this statutory meeting.

    Deadline: 30th May 2019 (extended)

    Application form: The application form can be found here.

    Contact: In case you have questions about the ERA or your application, please contact Zuzana Babicova, WSCF-Europe Chairperson, at .

    Organising team: Our organising team looks forward to receiving your application and working with you together in October. The team is formed by: Zuzana Babicova (Chairperson), Natia Tsintsadze (Regional Secretary), Luise Klein (Links Coordinator), and Krista Autio (Global Networking Coordinator).

    Practical and Financial information: The accommodation is not in the hotel style in shared rooms. The sleeping arrangement is within YMCA building and a sleeping bag is needed. The participation fee is 15 euros per day (75 euros overall) and the travel costs paid 100% by the delegate or your movement. More info in the application form.

    Organised with financial support from:




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  8. Call for applications: Lingua Franca Leadership Training 2019

    Call for Participants

    World Student Christian Federation in Europe, in cooperation with Otto per Mille Chiesa Valdese, is organising the

    Leadership Training Programme Lingua Franca

    14 – 19 May 2019 , Georgia


    What? Leadership Training Programme Lingua Franca Shared Future, Shared Responsibilities: Empowering New Generation of Europeans

    When? 14 – 19 May, 2019

    Where? Georgia


    Have you heard that the all time favourite programme Lingua Franca is happening this year in May? But what is Lingua Franca actually?

    Leadership training: to assist student movement-building in Eastern and Central Europe since early ’90s. This was due to the fact that independent youth work had often faced severe restrictions due to political situations until then in Eastern Europe. Lingua Franca works to empower people to be independent, critical and respectful thinkers, and to be such leaders in their communities. Leadership training is our aim for both volunteers who deliver the programme, as well as those who benefit from the programme.

    Language training: English as the main language of political change is the privilege that is not available to everyone. At Lingua Franca, we strive to make this “privilege” more accessible to young people who really need it. During the training, simple English is used, which makes it easier to create group cohesion.

    Our approach is to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and confident to contribute to discussions with different levels of language skills.

    Ecumenical and inter-cultural encounter: another aim of the Lingua Franca has been to bring together young Christians from all over Central and Eastern Europe to discover their own cultural differences and similarities, to discuss  country-specific issues, as well as to inspire them to get active in their home environments to promote tolerance and inclusion.

    Check out some testimonials or pictures from past Lingua Franca events. 

    Why join the Lingua Franca Leadership Training Programme?

    You are an active young person and would like to be engaged even more? Would you like to improve your professional competence on how to develop, manage and promote advocacy strategies and new ways of participation?

    You can identify and share challenges as well as solutions with other young people from different backgrounds? You want to learn how to transfer the knowledge through developing a training course model that can be adapted and translated into local context?

    If you want to learn how to put skills into practice, reflect on empowerment and encourage networking, best practice sharing approaches in the field of interfaith and intercultural dialogue, then join us in Georgia.

    Application Procedures and Deadlines:

    The training is open to students and young people from the WSCF-Europe member movements (SCMs) in Europe, contact groups and partner organisations.

    Great opportunity for young people aged between 18-30 years old (exceptions are possible when justified) from different European countries to reflect and improve their approach to youth empowerment and youth leadership, with a specific focus on advocacy, campaigning and grassroots interventions. Join us in Georgia.

    You can submit your application through the online application form by March 7th 2019.

    Practical and Financial Information:

    Participation fee: Full participation fee is 170 €, which includes board and lodging for the duration of the training course. For the delegates of the SCMs in Europe wishing to be represented at the meeting but not able to meet the costs, there is a possibility to apply for a reduced participation fee. Please contact us at: .

    Travel costs: Delegates are expected to cover their own travel costs to Georgia, but if you require financial support in order to attend, there is a possibility to apply for a scholarship for your travel costs. Please contact us at before buying travel tickets.

    Visas: Visa costs will be reimbursed by WSCF-Europe. We will issue an invitation letter that should facilitate the delivery of visas to attend the training course.

    The preparatory team is looking forward to seeing you in Georgia.

    Yulia Bajelidze, WSCF Global Advocacy and Solidarity Committee Member  

    Christiane Gebauer, WSCF-Europe Programme Coordinator

    Ramy Farouk, WSCF-Europe Volunteer

    Pavlina Manavska, WSCF-Europe Campaign Coordinator

    Natia Tsintsadze, World Student Christian Federation Executive for Europe

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  9. Call for Team Lingua Franca

    We need you! We are looking for Event Team Members and Coordinator!

    First organised 20 years ago, WSCF-Europe Lingua Franca meetings provide a space for language learning, cultural exchange, ecumenical encounter and ecumenical leadership training. The target group of this programme is students from Eastern and Central Europe. About 15-20 students and young adults will meet for a week in April/May 2019 , in Georgia.

    The training provided will focus on two key-areas:

    • Language Training– English will be the main language, but a simple English will be used and there will be sessions focused on breaking down linguistic barriers.
    • Leadership Training– in order to educate people on how to build movements in Central and Eastern Europe.

    To provide a brilliant training and have an amazing time together, we are currently looking for 2 team members and a team coordinator, that will work together from January until May 2019 on how to make this happen. So if you are an open-minded person, willing to learn from and with others, have experience in conference/event organization and are involved with WSCF or local movements, we are looking forward to getting to know you!

    For the Team Coordinator, we look for someone with: a good understanding of what event organisation and management means; a passion for working with people; and who is resourceful and committed to take full ownership of event experience with others. The Team Coordinator should have experience: coordinating a project team; designing/delivering a training /learning programme; and the ability to prioritise. It is key to have experience working with young people and, ideally, experience with Lingua Franca or any “youth access” program. You will be given support to coordinate and learn on the job, and you will be advised on organisational practices and tools to use to organize events efficiently and effectively.

    Deadline for applications:  16 December 2018

    Please fill-in this application form before 16 December 2018, to give us an idea on who you are, what you could contribute and what you would like to learn from this unique event!

    Hope to meet you soon,

    Your European Regional Committee

    For more information, contact Zuzana Babicova () or Christiane Gebauer ().  

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  10. Photo Competition: ‘All for one. One for all’ Campaign


    The Competition:

    The Photo Competition is part of the WSCF-Europe’s campaign “One for all. All for one”, which aims to contribute to a more inclusive and fairer European society by empowering young people across the continent. Our approach is based on promoting equal opportunity, human rights and respect for human dignity, as core principles of every inclusive and diverse society.

    Through this initiative, we are looking for photos that can share stories of diversity and integration. The photos can be of individuals, communities, situations or anything that, in your perspective, best captures the spirit of the theme of the competition. We encourage you to share with the world photos that can tell a thousand words.

    Every participant can submit up to 5 photos, and we are particularly looking for creative ideas, for images that capture and tell a story. Every photograph should be accompanied by a title reflecting the theme and the essence of the photo. It should be also accompanied by a short description detailing the story or idea behind the photo.

    The Campaign:

    The aim of the “One for all. All for one” campaign is to engage young people and provide them with the tools they need to create effective content, aimed at challenging hate speech and violent extremism. To achieve this overall aim, we set the following specific objectives:

    • to upscale and mobilise grassroots youth initiatives on alternative positive narratives;
    • to develop innovative youth-led approaches and methodologies;
    • to combine knowledge exchanges with action-oriented output;
    • to support and develop young people’s voices to tackle these issues, and form a strong network of youth activists who believe in religious, ethical and human resolution of crisis.


    The focus of the competition is Europe, but photos from all over the world are welcomed and accepted. The competition is open to all students and young activists, with a special interest and passion for photography. Both amateur and professional photographers with their own perspectives and stories on diversity and integration are encouraged to submit their work.

    We particularly encourage members of our SCMs in Europe to take part in this competition, as it will be an opportunity to actively engage with our campaign and strengthen our connections.

    How to participate:

    Please send your photo(s) to , before midnight 30th November 2018 (extended). The photo(s) should be high quality image(s) in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format (preferably at least 3 megapixels). You should expect that, if your photo is selected among the best photos, it will be published as a poster or in a large format – therefore, the quality of the photos is important. Each participant can submit up to 5 photos.

    Please send your photos with the following name format: “YourLastName_PhotoTitle” and with a short description. The short description should include the following information:

    • Your short bio (name, age, nationality, profession and/or study, contact information, etc);
    • City and country where the photo was taken and the date when it was taken;
    • The title of the photo;
    • Description on the photo (who or what is in the photograph; what it represents; any information or story you relate the photo to; its link to the theme of the competition);
    • Any comment from the photographer.

    Conditions for participating:

    All photos submitted must be the participants’ own works and must not be edited, but submitted in original form. The person submitting the photo also takes responsibility for not infringing the privacy of any third party – by submitting the photograph, the participant confirms that they have the permission of all persons appearing in the photo to submit the photograph and for it to be published by WSCF-Europe.


    The competition jury is composed of amateur and professional photographers, human rights activists and experts in communication. The jury will select the best photos and will award three prizes. The winners will be awarded different amounts, and a breakdown of the awards can be found below:

    • First Prize – €150
    • Second prize – €100
    • Third prize – €75

    All photos that enter the competition will also be published on the WSCF Europe website and social media on the International Human Rights Day, on 10th December, as WSCF-Europe will take part in this worldwide celebration. They will also be featured in online and print publications of the WSCF-Europe. By submitting the photo(s), the photographer agrees that the photo(s) will be used by the WSCF-Europe.

    After the selection and communication with the winners, the final results will be available online on the WSCF-Europe website and social media.

    We look forward to receiving lots of amazing photos from young people all over the world!

    This project is implemented with financial support from the campaign partner, the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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