WSCF Global Staff & Officers Meeting in August 2015

July 29th, 2015 2:30 pm

WSCF Global Staff and Officers’ Meeting will be held in August 3-9, 2015 in Birmingham, UK. The meeting will be hosted by SCM Britain and is financially supported by the Karibu Foundation  and the Waldesian Church. The six Regional Secretaries from all regions – Marcelo Leites (LAC), Luciano Kovacs (NA), Sunita Suna (AP), Amos Mushendwa (Africa), Elsy Wakil (ME), and Natia Tsintsadze (E), along with WSCF Officers, Bronwyn Claire (Treausurer, AP), Immanuel Kitnan (Vice Chair, AP), Georgine Djeutane (Acting Chairperson) will be present at the Meeting. They will be joined by some members of the Transition Team, among others, Acting Chairperson Georgine Kengne Djeutane, Interim Staff Coordinator Necta Montes, WSCF Cennential Fund Representative Salters Sterling, and Student Representative Pretty  Mubaiwa.

6 RSs

This year the meeting has rather different format (Strategic Workshop) than previous times and this is due to a special transition period of the Federation and the ongoing process of changes. The meeting will be facilitated by Udan Fernando, who has been inited to assist in Strategic Planning, Operations and Management.

Click here to see the Concept Note and the Workflow for the Staff and Officers’ Strategic Workshop.

If you have any suggestions regarding the preparations for the Global S&O Meeting, please write to European Regional Secretary on .


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