2017 – A Year with No Hate

December 22nd, 2017 11:33 pm

Now that 2017 is coming to an end, it is time to draw the line and acknowledge everything that we have achieved. WSCF Europe dedicated this year to the campaign ‘A Year with No Hate’, focusing on  the promotion of equal opportunities, human rights and respect for human dignity, as core principles of every inclusive and diverse society. This campaign was part of the larger No Hate Speech Movement, an initiative of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe. Most of the activities organised by WSCF Europe have been made possible by the funding received from the European Youth Foundation.

Here is a summary of all the activities that were part of our campaign this year:



Staff and Officers Meeting: Vilnius (Lithuania), 1st-6th April 2017

‘I Stand Up to Hate Speech: Tools for Newcomers’

This meeting gathered WSCF Europe staff, members, volunteers and Student Christian Movements representatives from all over Europe, and was aimed at helping them develop the skills and knowledge required in becoming human rights activists, and in running successful human rights awareness and promotion campaigns at a local and regional level.



WSCF Europe Conference: Prosperous (Ireland), 7-13th October 2017

‘(I)migrant: Perspectives of minority integration in Europe’

Young people from all over Europe gathered in Ireland and took part in a series of workshops, lectures and small group discussions, aimed at creating mutual respect and enhancing understanding of topics, such as building and sustaining diverse communities.



Diversity and Integration Photo Competition

October-December 2017

Between October and November, WSCF Europe challenged creative young people across Europe to share their best photographs reflecting the topics of diversity and integration. The competition was aimed at making young people reflect on the meaning of diversity in their lives. The winners of the competition have been announced in December.



Student Christian Movements in action

September-November 2017

Supporting actions at the local level, WSCF Europe decided to offer small grants to Student Christian Movements (SCMs) across Europe to organise activities that promote diversity and understanding of how diverse societies can come into being. Two grants were awarded.

The first grant was awarded for the joint activity organised by SCM Finland and SCM Helsinki, which consisted of a study trip to Tallinn, where students learnt about attitudes towards religious, ethnic and sexual minorities in Estonia.

The second grant was awarded to SCM Britain to organise the activity ‘A Light for All’, which consisted of a day trip to the Lancaster University Chaplaincy, where Rev. Dr. Anderson Jeremiah delivered to students a talk on the topic: “The Bible as a catalyst for new life: an immigrant perspective”.

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