Why to be involved with WSCF-E at European Regional Committee?

October 8th, 2013 3:22 pm

I have been a member of ERC – the governing body of WSCF-E composed of nine volunteer members in the role of Events Coordinator and later with an add on role of Vice Chair with WSCF-E for the period of 2011-2013. I think everyone with interest in WSCF-E working areas, inter-church relations within charity sector and desire to try new challenge would find this a truly great experience.

You can learn a lot! I had a chance to organize events and be the one who has to coordinate and organize things that are expected to happen. It has been a learning opportunity to develop new skills and try new things. I wish this opportunity for anyone as WSCF-E is a community of people who care about each other and learn from each other as we work and as we are challenged to do things we many a time have never done before. Your skills, knowledge and talents can really grow here.

You can nurture your interests! Every two years when the ERC changes, the new ERC can start off new things which they themselves and SCMs feel as the area to do something about. I find this really great and refreshing for the organization which thus enables itself to grow always with some different energy and ideas that come from people.

Thus there is space for you to develop things with others and bring your ideas and realize plans. It can be connecting people in the role of Links Coordinator, helping to secure financial resources for WSCF-E in the role of Fundraising Coordinator-which can become very creative and diversified work with the whole ERC, or develop ideas and plans for campaigns in the Campaigns Coordinator role. There is a lot of room for you to keep your interests and passions grow.

In connection to this, I remember I was fascinated when I read about experience of one our predecessors, who was active in the WSCF-E some decades ago, when he said that for him WSCF-E is a space for experimentation and freshness always with new people coming to the leadership group. WSCF-E thus still has this as I experienced it and this can be an experience opportunity for you too!

You can have a great time! Though to be on the ERC is quite a big task for two years – I have to admit – however, these two years can be for you time of meeting new people, visiting and seeing new places, representing WSCF-E at our cool partner events and to create a community with WSCF-E.

Next Saturday, 12 October, 2013, you can run for a position with WSCF-E as a two year’s term finishes for the current ERC. Apply to be a candidate and get involved with WSCF-E!

 (Slovakia) is WSCF-E Events Coordinator


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