Why is Culture a topic to WSCF Europe?

September 4th, 2013 2:48 pm

Hello WSCF Europe people!

Myself as part of the ERC on this term (2011-2013) were part of an interesting analysis started by our predecessors. The partial outcome of it is what I would like to share with you. I am saying partial because the other part is left here for us, friends of WSCF-E- to figure it out.

The question is why WSCF-E works specifically on the issues surrounding Culture: whether it is still relevant and if it is, then what exactly it is. Let just take Culture first. I take the big word culture here in its most embracing way to cover languages, all kinds of arts, the way of living, social conventions, cuisines, values, etc.

Why does WSCF-E finds it important to focus on culture? It is taken as a given that since WSCF as international global organisation embraces many cultures, the very awareness of our internal identity should be starting with us being respectful to the culture of the other. To me this is still relevant and we should not forget about this. Do we need to learn about other cultures? In my view, this is important as learning about specific aspects of any culture can lead to understanding and informed respect.

Culture/s are not just owned by one group. Let us divert to culture which is shared. Culturally, in our 21st century we have much more in common with the person from the other part of the world than you would a few decades ago. There are cultural phenomena which we share and which have become our daily realities. These can be Facebook, music, or the food we eat in different countries which is produced by someone else in a different place again. Why does WSCF-E need to talk about them? How is this central for our self-understanding of ”living faith together for justice”? Or what are other topics of shared cultural heritage that we need to address?

What are cultural phenomena that we WSCF-E should focus on from your context? Are these issues relevant enough or should we refocus? If so in what direction? These are starting off ideas for our bigger discussion. Do contribute here – your opinion can stir this discussion!

(Slovakia) is WSCF-E Events Coordinator

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