What do we have on our plates?

February 19th, 2014 2:06 pm

Hello dear WSCF-E friends,

How are you? As ERC – the current leadership at WSCF-E are starting to get in touch more with you all to tell you what we as ERC have been up to recently – what we have on our plates –what we are enjoying but also what pose challenges for us. The first message comes from me, the chair, and you may hear also from others in the upcoming months.

collecting hopes

It was at the beginning of February that we met for the first time as a group since we started our quite serious involvement in WSCF-E in October 2013. I am saying “serious involvement” as we all learnt that we have not just been elected to run events but also have insight into running our NGO and develop knowledge on how to do it. That is quite a responsibility we all are taking seriously and doing our best! All people on the leadership committee are very smart, engaged and nice people that are doing great work.


Back to our meeting I wanted to tell you about. We all were looking forward to it very much as working remotely via skype and emails is not the same as meeting each other in person as you can imagine.

We had a really good time together meeting in Bad Sarrow, a nice place close to Berlin. At our meeting we also invited an external facilitator to help us get the best out of us all, which really happened! This was something we all enjoyed as someone external could help us make a step outside and we could look at our work from the distance.

2014-02-01 14.00.21

Talking about our roles and responsibilities thus helped to get us on the journey of better understanding and appreciation for each other and get insight into how we actually look at our volunteering roles and our expectations. An external facilitator also enabled us to gather our thoughts and envision our work for next two years, well already less than two years, time is passing quickly. After a playful exchange of ideas we arrived at 7 visions that we would like to work on.

Let me share them with you. It is – Prayer, Influence on Society, Transparency in our work and in communication, Fun, Connection within ERC and SCMs, Fundraising and Legacy. We hope that we will be working on these long term goals during our term and that you will see much of it soon!

Besides these big and long term goals we hope to work on, we are having quite a few things inside WSCF-E to deal with. So what is happening inside WSCF-E really?

2014-02-01 12.11.05

We are soon going to welcome a new staff member – Kathryn Cammish as our new Office and Publications Intern. I am sure you will hear from Kathryn a lot as she will be a key person in communications!

And we all are very busy with planning Lingua Franca for this summer which is about fundraising at this stage, envisioning 2015 Theology conference (I will share with you more about the topic next month) along with securing important funding through a rather large application that our staff is working on now.

We are preparing for Staff& Officers meeting happening over the upcoming weekend in Skopje and are also starting to prepare for the General Assembly of WSCF-E which will be in August in Colombia. A busy month for all of us!

And what is being born now is our campaigning efforts of which you will hear very soon from our campaigns coordinator. Stay in touch with us, the spring is full of work for us at the ERC and we want to keep sharing our experience with you! You may be running for a position at the ERC in 2015- so stay tunned for what it is like to be on ERC and running WSCF-E.

Greetings to all you, dear friends.

2014-01-18_Zuzana_Babicova-31Zuzka Babicová is the WSCF-E’s Chair



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