What Is All The Buzz About General Assembly Of WSCF?

March 19th, 2014 3:28 pm



You all may have heard that WSCF is having its most important   statutory meeting this year in Colombia. Six years  ago I attended the same meeting in Montreal and I would like to tell you what it was like for me.

At that time WSCF was not something I thought of as a global organization. Before the GA, WSCF was for me only about my national SCM with its activities we used to have with our neighboring countries and that was it.  I did not perceive my SCM as having a global dimension though we did belong to WSCF-E.  I believe that many of you would share this view now. Attending the GA really changed my perspective and I wish it change yours. I want you to see that WSCF is a global organization and the difference you can make in it.


Being at the GA in Montreal showed me how immensely diverse Christians can be, as until then I did not have this experience. It is easy to not realize WSCF global in your local SCMs but SCMs shape the Global WSCF and this is something you get to experience at the GA.


WSCF is a really interesting gathering of young Christians from all over the world. It was me and others like me from all over the world who were important at that meeting to shape the way WSCF would develop during next the 6 years. There were many different experiences some good and some difficult but all important. I remember difficult experiences of heated discussions on giving space for gender equality in WSCF, talking about financial situations of SCMs at fund-raising workshop where the facilitator had hard time to reconcile our geographical and contextual differences. I attended Coptic Christian Sunday service for the first time and received communion from a different denomination which was not mine at an unfamiliar service. What an experience it was to be at the GA of WSCF! Having been exposed to all this diversity, I have started to realize what my SCM is part of and how difficult yet precious being a member of such a global community can be.


The General Assembly of WSCF is really what holds WSCF together as withoese meetings we would probably be just an online community or network of like minded people. However, we want to strive for more and for that we need to meet each other in person. The GA gives us a chance to recognize our similarities and to celebrate our differences and to deliver changes. It is not always easy but it is definitely worth it. Come to the GA and be part of the Global WSCF and make change in your organization.

(Slovakia) is the Chairperson for WSCF Europe. 

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