Third African University on Youth Development: Day One

September 28th, 2011 11:44 am

Let’s begin. More than 30 young people from all over the world came to a little island that for most of us did not have a clue of. After a long journey we arrived to an earthly paradise to explore our backgrounds, to create spaces for discussion, to imagine, to create and to share.

The first grasps of the Capeverdian air, the touch of the equatorial sun and the local music all around – this makes me think that it is not going to be just another training course…

Getting to know each other at the European conferences is pretty easy – most probably you find your nationals and usually you already know some people working for your organization or a partner one. Here I came knowing that there will be two other WSCF’ers – Kimhoun from Cambodia and Franck from the Ivory Coast. We will do our best to make the WSCF voice loud.

After some group building at the beach we started to approach the theme more formally by creating the map of world’s population and adding the financial resources that were embodied by the chairs. Results were predictable – people representing Africa standing around one chair, South Americans seating quite comfortably, Europeans and North Americans secured by a fortress of chairs and countless Asians.

How to deal with injustice? Shall we produce more ‘chairs’ or just redistribute them equally? What are the reasons and what are the possible solutions to the problems? Many questions that perhaps are not very original, but put in the context of the youth from as different places as Zurich and Phnom Penh are, they gain new perspectives. We will try to answer these questions and what is more important we will try to remember that it is ‘WE’ not particular interests of the economies, politicians and diplomacies. Keep your
fingers crossed for us!

Pawel is working for WSCF as the Editor-in-Chief of the European Region’s publication ‘Mozaik’. He is studying Global Environmental Governance at the Free University in Amsterdam. He is representing WSCF at the week long Third African University on Youth Development in Cape Verde. We will continue to post his blog about his time there. 

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