Third African University on Youth Development: Day Four

January 12th, 2012 11:44 am

The day of thinking – at least this is how it seems after the first two sessions. We divided ourselves in 4 groups to explore the areas we find the most related to the activities our organizations are working on. Since the global campaign of WSCF is entitled Water Justice Now I thought that it would be reasonable to join the ‘environmentalists’.

In a group of seven we were talking about the possibilities to increase the youth capacity in the area of the climate change. The project we were discussing includes global activities that address raising awareness as well as climate justice. For now we are drafting a possible strategic plan and look for possibilities of fundraising or joining another program that has similar objectives. In the afternoon, during the plenary session the project will be evaluated by the other participants and trainers. Looking forward to hearing the comments!

Funny thing has happened – out group received a wrong copy, so we did not do our best… However, our idea of the Youth COP (Conference of the Parties) will be elaborated later. One very interesting initiative was presented by the group led by Noreen Remtulla, representative of the Canadian branch of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. The female-dominated group proposed an idea of a book swap program that would target school-age girls. The swap would be intercontinental and what is more, the participants would write their books as well. My question though was: how about the boys? ‘If a girl brings a brother or a cousin we’ll not refuse him’ – good to hear that.

The two sessions in the afternoon were led by the participants of the training course for trainers. They could exercise the newly acquired skills in global education on us. The project was extremely exciting and finally we got to know better what the global education is and how to approach the issue of the intercultural learning. Till late in the evening we’ve been playing interculturally tuned games. The concept of university outside the academia has more pros than you could imagine.

Pawel is working for WSCF as the Editor-in-Chief of the European Region’s publication ‘Mozaik’. He is studying Global Environmental Governance at the Free University in Amsterdam. He is representing WSCF at the week long Third African University on Youth Development in Cape Verde. We will continue to post his blog about his time there. 

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