Third African University on Youth Development: Day Five

January 12th, 2012 11:44 am

The fifth day of the event was entitled ‘Volunteering Citizenship and Social Action DAY’. Well, you can expect different things and the schedule was kept secret till the very last moment. In the morning we walked to Santa Maria to visit the local primary school. During the meeting with the head teacher we had a chance to ask questions related to the educational dimension of the life at the Islands as well as see the school facilities.

After that came the time for the action. Divided into three groups we some of us went campaigning for the health issues and the rest remained at school to prepare murals. My group was working with the topic of global education and interculturalism. The other one featured a stunning environmentally-engaged mural set in the local context. The act of creation per se would not have been that fascinating if there were no children eager to help. Suddenly the linguistic problems disappeared and altogether we became artists.

Later on Franck, Kimhoun and me had a WSCF working meeting to see what our regions are working on, what are the problems we are facing and how do we contribute in our local contexts. For example the Cambodian SCM’ers bring their own food to the events in order to reduce the costs and movements are very much action-oriented. Franck presented the perspectives of the Ivory Coast and the African Christian initiatives. It seemed to me, that what we do is very unlike, however, the positive spirit engages everyone equally to work for our communities. We hope that it will be possible to work on a global level to follow-up our presence here.

After the lunch we had a chance to explore the island. Using the school buses, that are the most accessible means of transport for the groups at the Island, we went to a high school, where there was another meeting with the head. Telling the truth, it seems that schools look alike all over the world. Something that unites us?

Afterwards the trip turned touristic as we headed to the local salt sites in Pedra Lume. Firstly I thought we would visit a salt mine as you can do it in Poland but apparently this does not apply to Cape Verde. The salt ‘grows’ in large ponds whose bedding is covered by a salty layer. It seems pretty lame though just to see some ponds, isn’t it? Fortunately it is possible to swim or rather float on the water, just as if you were at the Dead Sea. We had a lot of fun that ended up it feeling very itchy. The official program finishes here – even if it seems that we don’t study properly this is actually the way you can get to know each other better, network and think well of the possible links to be done.

Pawel is working for WSCF as the Editor-in-Chief of the European Region’s publication ‘Mozaik’. He is studying Global Environmental Governance at the Free University in Amsterdam. He is representing WSCF at the week long Third African University on Youth Development in Cape Verde. We will continue to post his blog about his time there. 

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