The Festival Period of Exams

May 18th, 2012 9:08 am

Most of the people who are active in WSCF are students. Sometimes it seems however that we are so busy solving the problems of the world that we are forgetting to talk about the issues that are related to our everyday life: university, exams, time pressure and deadlines. Let’s unite in studying!

It is 2:30 am and of course, deadlines are looming on the horizon. The biological clock has been deregulated through excessive tea and coffee intake. Not to mention the insomnia that comes from stress and, as some argue, bright screens of the computers we use. Probably each of us has had this wonderful idea of starting studying for an exam earlier, preparing countless assignments already at the beginning of term, but well… It never works as it should. Sometimes there are objective problems such as illness or broken computer, but frankly, are those problems so common?

Interestingly enough, community life starts to blossom just as the trees outside. The time spent on food preparation is longer and longer, finally we start to celebrate each meal, cook for friends, talk and try not to think about the time. Mentioning Facebook as a time-eater would be nothing more than a cliché.

Students who are taking coursework based programmes are taking part in word count championships. Who will hit the first thousand before midnight. Who is going to produce more charts before the dusk and whose analysis of meticulously gathered data will be more stunning and original. Anyways, it is all about hitting desired number. Three thousand words in 2 days – challenge accepted! Poor art or architecture students who unfortunately cannot just transcribe their wonderful ideas into a text document and need to produce a more tangible artefact.

Dear all united in the mundane process of writing, editing, deleting, re-writing and proof-reading! Dear all engaged in shaping their ideas into pieces of true art! Let’s hope that our heroic effort will meet with teachers’s smiles and accolades! Good luck in this difficult period :)

WSCF-Europe Publication Editor-in-Chief and Procrastinating PHD student in Cardiff.

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