Social Media – the new Freedom?

January 12th, 2012 10:51 am

Mozaik is represented at the 12th German – Polish Summer school “Social Media – the new Freedom? Religious, political and social communication in the period of changes” by Editor . Below find his reflection on the experience.


Hi everybody from Berlin! The conference organized by the Katolische Akademie Berlin is blossoming. The focal point of our discussion is information understood both as a news and personal information we are sharing on-line.
On Tuesday we saw how the classical media has evolved into social media. The perspective of a literature and media expert prof. Andrzej Mencwel gave the insight into the incredible steps that has been taken recently. Prof. Wolfgang Stock, German Chancellor Angela Merkel DORADCA on communication is offering amazing information about the Internet ‘flooding’. Do you know that there is a significant change towards on-line life? Each day in Germany 27 million people enter Wikipedia at the same time only 25 million copies of newspapers are printed. Facebook has app. 24 million log-ins daily and for all social networks it is more than 30 million daily. Due to the ‘Internetization’ and superquick access to information, the politicians do not have any more time to think about the issues. The answer needs to be given straight away. For example, Angela Merkel, after the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident was not even given a weekend to answer the questions on nuclear power in Germany. She had been able to call max. 2 persons before she appeared in TV…


“This revolution is a revolution that has a body but has no head. If there was a head, it would have been cut off”. There were no single leader that made the repression of the revolution more difficult. Guessed? Yes, we are talking about the revolution in Egypt and analyze it as the first revolution led entirely through the Internet. There was a lot said about it, but an important point was risen by a Belarussian political scientist Evgeny Morozov (unfortunately absent here). He says that the the revolution that took place in the Arabic countries were led by the leaders who were not even on Facebook. They have been meeting for a long time in different Arabic countries to analyze the situation and inspire the change. Interesting isn’t it?
Evgeny Morozov is the author of ‘The Net Delusion: The Dark Side of Internet Freedom’. He is currently a visiting scholar at Standford University. More here and @evgenymorozov on Twitter


Today we are analyzing the issue of Internet regulation. The input is given by Alexander Filipovic, who asks what are our freedoms on-line and what regulation should be introduced to ensure transparency and security. In Germany there is strong political involvement in the issue of Internet regulation (Netzpolitik): the politicians analyze the cultural, economical, environmental, educational dimensions of the Internet regulation as well as its impact on the democratic participation.

-Pawel Pustelnik

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