Reflections & Arrivals

March 27th, 2012 9:27 am

The reception room here at our hotel is buzzing with backpacks, train tickets, big smiles, WSCF badges, some confused faces and just general excitement. The WSCF conference Guilty or Not Guilty? is about to start!

Participants from all over Europe have started heading for the beautiful city of Bratislava, for what promises to be a very stimulating and fun week ahead. The conference timetable looks packed with exciting lectures and workshops and the Preparatory Committee are busy making final checks. You can just feel the bubbling energy in the hotel room.

The WSCF posters are up, the songs books and Mozaiks are laid out on the tables and the coffee pot is already brewing for our participants. So far we have some Irish, Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish and Norwegian SCMers here – for some this is their first conference but others are familiar WSCF faces.

This afternoon is full of arrivals and the evening begins with a welcome dinner, an introduction to WSCF-Europe and some really fun looking ice breakers. We’ll try and keep you updated on what we’re up to here in Bratislava so watch this space readers! Do check out our Facebook page for other updates and send us messages of love!

Next time we want to see you here ;-)

Ciao for now,

Member of the Prepretory Committee and WSCF Europe Campaigns Coordinator

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