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June 7th, 2012 3:59 pm

Do you remember when we have been discussing the policy paper on sustainability during the European Regional Assembly in Denmark last year? There is a great possibility to scale up our ideas and contribute to a comprehensive tool to make our work more friendly to our planet!

Today the first meeting of the editors of the Green Toolbox took place. I am happy to say that out carbon dioxide emissions have been cut to a minimum – no flying, just Skyping :) But what is it all about? The Green Toolbox aims to foster active engagement of European youth organizations in running sustainable organizations and youth activities; encouraging and inspiring various sector organizations to apply sustainable working practices in their daily work and within their project and office management.

In the coming five months together with the International Young Naturefriends (IYNF) I will be working to develop the publication and try to fill the gap between policy papers and the actual practices. The group is composed of five people, including two from the staff of IYNF. Today we managed to brainstorm about the issues we would like to include and what are the most pressing needs of the youth organisations in Europe. Of course, we are able to see what is happening in our activities, but an insight from the SCMs would be very helpful. Seeing your efforts to making your activities is great so why not to share it with the others? Or perhaps you have your own sustainability manuals that you would like to share? Great!

We will be striving to engage as many views as possible to make the publication approachable and user-friendly. It will be packed with success stories, checklists and fun. There is nothing dull about being sustainable!

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