Going Deeper into Unity

January 12th, 2012 4:00 pm

One of WSCF primary and profound aims both on a regional and a global level is to build an international community based on a Christian unity. Indeed, it´s a long-term goal and a permanent process at the same time. In this regard I dare say, last conference “Communicating gender” held in Logumkloster, Denmark in October 24-28 has undoubtedly contributed to its gradual fulfillment.

Just before leaving Logumkloster I had been asked to name the best bid of the conference. Honestly, I couldn´t really answer right on the spot – time was running (to catch the train) and it was really difficult to chose one particular thing as every day was rich in highlights which made it truly unique. However, my journey all the way down the continent turned out to offer a generous space for a deeper reflection  And then I got my answer – apart from brilliant lecturers giving questions-provoking lectures and intensive debates that followed, apart from fruitful discussions within working groups, innovative bible studies and so many various curiosity-arising workshops, there was, in my view, something more and essential what persuades me that the conference can be labeled a successful one. What I´ve brought home is an experience of a strong and genuine community spirit.

Looking back at the passed week I hear praying Our Father in 15 languages, a joyful singing in a chapel as well as in bus. I see shaking hands and sincere hugs not just while sharing a sign of peace, scarves on heads as a sign of respect for religious traditions of others. I see shared interest in one another at lunch table; dedicating of one´s time during siesta while having a nap would seem more logic; chatting in corridors till night; an enthusiastic cooperation in making funny video-shots. I see common worships also with our hospitable hosts as well as mingling with local students. And I see support and encouragement when stress and fatigue were sometimes hard to deal with.

Looking back at it all assures me that all the given effort and short sleep paid off. Reflecting it all gives me a sense of a meaningful work especially when taking into consideration such a diversity of our cultural, national and religious backgrounds. And last but not least, that if this is the way of deepening Christian community which WSCF strives for, then, I believe, there is also a potential for further growth in broader unity. Above it all, I am quite sure that this strengthened spirit is also a result of the Spirit´s work in us and among us (which our morning worships focused on).

What we have in common is a shared belief in the Truth. And for us the Truth has a name – God. Regardless of the language we address It with or our gender perception we assign to It. …”never truly known, mystery of mysteries, calling us Your own.”

WSCF is a growing family rooted in this Truth. I am happy to belong there.

Gabby Bradovkova was a member of the “Communicating Gender” Conference PrepCom. Her reflection upon leaving the conference are shared in hopes of continuing this conversation at home.

A special thanks to our donors, the Council of Europe, Youth in Action and our Danish Partners, for making this event a success!

Council of Europe

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