Excursion in Bratislava

April 3rd, 2012 1:48 pm

Participants of the Guilty or Not Guitly? conference have been asked to reflect on lectures and their experiences in Bratislava. Annika Foltin from Germany/Austria reflects on the Excursion around Bratislava. 

On Friday morning all the WSCF Europe participants were really excited because it was “Excursion Day” to Bratislava city. We travelled with the Trolleybus and Tram downtown always looking if everyone is still there and no one is missing.

After we got a little bit lost, we finally reached our first stop, which was the Ustav Pamati Naroda (Nation’s Memory Institute). There we watched a movie about the communism time in Slovakia. After the movie we were allowed to see the archive where a lot of files, microfiche, movies and forbidden books from that the State Security have archived and restored.

After this really intensive morning we went to our next stop which was Chatam Sofer (Jewish memorial and cemetery). Mr. Kohlmann led a tour of the underground cemetery and explained the Rabbi’s that are buried there and told us about the history of the cemetery and how it became a memorial after 1945.

Everyone needed a little bit of a rest to handle what we heard that day. Therefore we had free time and had the possibility to see the Old Town of Bratislava which I personally found really nice – I like the little streets with the individual shops. For dinner we went to the Slovak Pub and had some traditional Slovakian food. Everyone really enjoyed the day and no one got lost and everyone found his/her way back to our hotel!

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