Do you know MTV EXIT?

September 12th, 2013 2:46 pm

I personally like when music has some kind of message, as an easy way to show really complicated problems and present solutions to help with it.

Is there a better way of understanding a problem than listening to good music?

One of the most interesting programs that I know of is MTV EXIT.

MTV EXIT is a campaign to combat human trafficking and exploitation through a mixture of live events, innovative online content, and youth engagement. Harnessing the power of the MTV brand, MTV EXIT has one vision: to contribute to a reduction of human trafficking through the design and implementation of innovative campaigns that equip young people to make informed, empowered decisions.

With the support of AusAID and USAID, MTV EXIT works closely with key stakeholders and influencers across the globe, including international and local celebrities, media and corporate partners, anti-trafficking and youth organisations, government agencies and young people to create targeted campaigns that promote safe migration, and encourage communities to take social action. (source)

Today I will serve you The Killers singing about sexual exploitation:

and Radiohead with forced labor:


Agnieszka Amelia Lisiecka is a member of the “Invisible Slavery: Human Trafficking in Europe” conference preparatory committee.


“Invisible Slavery: Human Trafficking in Europe” conference was sponsored by European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.



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