Boyfriend went Vegan

April 10th, 2012 10:30 am

Participants of the Guilty or Not Guitly? conference have been asked to reflect on lectures and their experiences in Bratislava. Annika Foltin from Austria reflects on the YouTube Campaign from PETA seen here during the Blogging workshop. 

This is so disgusting!

How can it be that they want to treat animals well but at the same time they destroy women and their bodies? Being vegan has nothing to do with being good in bed!

If you decide to be a vegan it is a personal decision and you have reasons for that. However these reasons are probably to treat animals well and I am really sure that you will not find a vegan guy who will say that vegan is all about having fantastic sex.

Women are shown in this video as sexual objects and not as a human being. When I saw this first my immediate reaction was that I will never become vegan nor want I ever have a boyfriend who is vegan because I don’t want to end up like these women. For me this campaign has nothing to do with vegan but just with showing sexual mistreated women!

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