Agape – a place of peace!

January 12th, 2012 11:43 am

Close to Torino, in the mountains and surrounded by beautiful nature, a place of peace – Agape!

A building from hard stones and wood, though giving a full portion of lovely embracement of solidarity, tolerance and love… Built after the WW2 as a space for everybody regardless of religion, ethnicity, political views and gender. Now in July 2011, it has still the same grounds, only richer history.

I came to attend the International Political Camp from 1st to 8th August, but as usually all the participants take a longer stay and volunteer for some weeks before or afterwards. So, will I do for a week now, until the camp starts.

Right now a Womens’ Rights Camp is going on here and me and other cca. 5 young people from all over the world are helping with basic stuff at Agape – as working in the kitchen, cleaning the common facilities, maintenance of the house, painting, babysitting…

Do you want to know how it goes on with volunteering ańd what the Polical Camp will be about?Stay tuned at this blog and you will not miss anything!

Campo Lavoro – Work Camp

Would you believe that it is raining and 10 degrees in late July in Italy? In Prali at 1000 m. Yes, but nevermind because the time passes quickly with about 15 other volunteers from Italy, Spain, Uruguay, Argentina, Turkey, Columbia and other…  and especially kids of the women at Womens Rights Camp. Some of us wash, some cook, some play with children, some do the laundry and nobody really minds rain outside, as there is good espresso served and italian food is warming both the senses and bodies.

Tomorrow the Editor in Chief of Mozaik is coming also, so we might write a tandem… look forward!

Blessings from Italy!

-Katka Babicova
WSCF Europe Links Coordinator and Vice Chair

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