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Communications Officer

Hi! My name is Maria Kozhinova. Currently I am based in Helsinki, although I do move around a lot. A little about my WSCF history: I have represented the Finnish Orthodox SCM, OOL, on the WSCF-E Regional Committee in 2013-2014; and when in 2014 I’ve moved to Romania, I went on representing also the Romanian movement, Asociatia MIRA – until the 2015 Regional Assembly. After my work at the Regional Committee was finished (from October 2015) I have been working for WSCF-Europe as Communications Officer full-time. I am currently responsible for WSCF-Europe online and printed communications and publications. I work closely with the Regional Secretary Natia Tsintsadze and the European Regional Committee.

I am 26-years old, I did Speech Communication for my Bachelor’s and graduated with MA in International Relations in October 2013. I do not have any theological background, except of course being Christian myself, but I enjoy hanging around with the theologians, and maybe that was the path that initially pulled me into the world of WSCF!

I was born in Russia, however, I have lived in Finland for half of my life. I have also had a chance to live in Poland for half a year, and in the Netherlands for 1,5 years. This nomad lifestyle may be the reason why I consider it challenging to reflect on one’s own national culture – I rather embrace all of them! I enjoy being occupied with something all the time. In my free time, I like to read, to watch anime, and to take long walks in the nature. I am also actively engaged with environmental activism. I am passionate about Irish dancing, and I have been doing it for a couple of years. Lately, I have been trying to spend some time fixing my language skills, because I have started studying too many, but can use fluently only few. My current plan is to revive my Spanish and to learn basic Arabic. I also like to cook food that I invent myself – being a vegan often makes one inventive in food choices.

I have been involved with WSCF since 2010 conference in Berlin. For me personally, WSCF is a chance to acquire and practice leadership- and social skills, as well as a challenge to break down my stereotypes and to try and see a broader world. For my community, my involvement with WSCF means more exposure to intercultural encounters and ecumenism. It also means that I enter more frequently the debates on solidarity, equality and human (and animal) rights – since WSCF has helped me to shape my beliefs on these issues, I am now able to enhance the diversity of other people’s opinions by expressing my own ones. I believe that the working method of WSCF-Europe – primarily through successful events – is what makes the organisation so special and successful.

World Student Christian Federation – Europe
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