Maria Atanasoaei

Maria Atanasoaei

Communications Officer

Hi. My name is Maria and I am the Communications Officer of WSCF-E. I am Romanian (raw Moldovan material!), but I am currently living in the United Kingdom, where I study and work. My studies are in the areas of International Relations and History, and are connected to my strong passion for socio-political research.

Unlike most of the other members of the board, my story in WSCF-E does not have deep roots, but it is just at its beginning. Growing up in a Christian Orthodox family, I carry deep respect and belief in the Christian values, but it is only now that I have fully joined an organisation like WSCF-E. But in the short period of time that has passed since I have joined, I have met so many amazing people that made me feel like I have been part of WSCF-E for much longer!

In terms of work experience, I have previously worked in the public sector and have also conducted research within various institutes. I have also enjoyed volunteering for UNICEF UK and UNICEF Netherlands, first as a simple volunteer, then as part of the committees, as Events Coordinator, Education Officer and President. I love children with all my heart, and the issues that they face in various contexts and countries sadden my heart the most. This is the reason why my work for UNICEF carries a special meaning and place in my life. I also believe in the power of people and their role in shaping each others’ lives. As such, I have always tried to promote cross-cultural dialogue and social responsibility within the communities that I have been part of. Perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences with regards to this was my time as a Social Responsibility Coordinator for the InnBetween, Maastricht University’s chaplaincy, when I had the resources needed to organise events that brought together the student and local community.

In terms of my free time, there are three words that define me: mountains, books and cats. I am a passionate hiker and I am still dreaming to one day have my little hut somewhere in the gorgeous Carpathian Mountains. I love books, of all kinds and sizes – from the Russian classics to the newest academic journals on behavioural psychology. And I once had 13 cats (at once!!) – that says it all! I do also love food very much (who doesn’t?!), and I always have a hard time choosing between Asian, Spanish, Mexican and Greek dishes (this is, of course, when the choice of delicious Mum-made traditional Romanian dishes is not available to me).


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