Clare Wilkins (United Kingdom)

Hi, I’m Clare, from the UK. I’m originally from Bournemouth on the South coast of England, and I have a BSc in Physics from the University of Birmingham. I am currently living and working in London. I work in the public sector in the HR profession, trying to work on improving diversity and inclusion within the sector. I am (in no particular order): married, an Anglican, a goth, a vegan, and a musician. I love cooking and eating tasty food, and crocheting beautiful things.

I got involved in my local SCM group in 2009 and in 2011 went to my first national SCM Britain event. I’ve been a trustee of SCM Britain for the last two and a half years and will continue in this role until 2017. My WSCF-E involvement started when I went to the S&O meeting in Skopje in 2014. I also attended the General Assembly in 2015. I decided to stand for the Treasurer position on the ERC to use my maths skills more than I currently do and most importantly because I believe SCMs can be a really key part of building young people’s understanding of the world through faith.

In my time on the ERC I hope to help WSCF Global work towards a sustainable future through ensuring that WSCF-E can be more self-sufficient. This will enable more students and young people to experience the great opportunities that the movements and Federation can offer.

World Student Christian Federation – Europe
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