Global Networking Coordinator

Krista Autio (Finland)

My name is Krista and I’m a 29 year-old Masters student from Finland. I study Theology and development studies at Helsinki University and my dream is to work as a pastor at international Christian cooperation field related to human rights and solidarity work. I have participated in WSCF-Europe since ERA 2013. Before and after that I was active in Lutheran SCM Finland at all its levels for nearly three years.

WSCF has given me a lot. One of the most significant experience was travelling to Bogota for the first time in August 2014 with five other delegates, that were meant to attend the GA, which was eventually postponed. In this small group meeting in Bogota I realized the essence of our movement and experienced, how people from different Regions, different continents and cultures embraced and welcomed each other to friendship and mutual sharing of our own context and learning about the context of Colombia. This enthusiasm, inspiration and WSCF-love I brought with me to WSCF-Europe, and with this enthusiasm I wish to pursue new connections, mutual sharing and living out our Christianity together at our SCM’s and institutional level.

I am now the Global Networking Coordinator of our Region and my wish is to engage Regions at SCM’s level and at individual level to work for justice and peace and build friendships and networks that last beyond the time of our studies.



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